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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – A report published by the Washington Post shows that of the 1000 most popular apps for iOS on the App Store, about two percent have mechanisms that “trick” users into spending money.

For example, many apps notify smartphones that they have a virus, prompting unnecessary purchases of “healing” software.

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The list also includes several dating apps, QR code scanners, camera apps, and software products; who abuse brands from well-known companies like Amazon and Samsung.

One of the most “harmless” ways to deceive users is fake reviews and ratings. According to calculations, the losses suffered by users amounted to about 48 million US dollars, including commissions of up to 30%, which Apple took from developers.

“I think we showed over time that we did our job better than others. I think one of the real risks of opening iOS to download apps from third-party or third-party stores is that the problem will only multiply,” said Apple spokesman Kyle Andeer.

According to Apple, high standards are applied to apps to ensure that the App Store remains a safe and trusted place to download software.

The company will also always take action against applications that can harm users.

“We uphold developer standards to keep the App Store as a safe and trusted place for customers to download software; and we will always take action against apps that harm users,” said Apple spokesman Fred Sainz.


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