3 reasons Indonesians still use 3G a lot

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Here are three reasons why many Indonesians still use 3G according to OpenSignal’s analysis.

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5G has already started to be implemented in Indonesia, but that does not mean that Indonesia is ready to carry out a full digital transformation. According to OpenSignal analysis, there are still many people who use 3G and this can slow down digital transformation because there will be a gap between 3G, 4G, and 5G users.

OpenSignal in its study found that the three main reasons people still use 3G networks on the internet are: smartphonehis, or what we call “3G-only users”

Data shows 67.5% of 3G-only users in Indonesia have smartphone which supports 4G. They also spend time in areas covered by 4G. The biggest possibility is that users choose not to subscribe to 4G. Because they feel that the subscription offered by the operator is too expensive or because they don’t know the benefits of 4G itself.

  • Do not have a device that supports 4G

The community economy does play an important role in this digital transformation. Due to low income and not being able to buy smartphone 4G, as many as 16.8% of 3G-only users only spend time in areas covered by 4G without using it.

Another possible cause is limited digital capabilities. They are quite comfortable with smartphone 3G, and don’t want to be complicated when it comes to adapting to smartphone 4G which has more complex benefits.

  • Unreachable by 4G network

The analysis shows that 10.9% of 3G-only users have smartphone 4G-capable, but spend time in areas where 4G is not covered. In other words, even though they can afford smartphone 4G and have digital insights for their use, but the area where you live doesn’t allow running a 4G network.


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