3 Ways to Reduce PDF File Size

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Ilustrasi file PDF. (Pixabay)

COTEKNO.COM – Follow the guide on how to reduce PDF file size below, which is useful when you want to send PDF files via email or smartphone without wasting storage and internet quota.

If you often send ebooks, product catalogs or files sent in the Portable Document Format (.PDF) in large quantities, the problem that is often faced is the file size.

One solution so that PDF files don’t take up storage space on your laptop or smartphone is to reduce their size.

Here are two easy ways to reduce PDF file size:

Offline Way

Most of you make an article in the form of a script, thesis, or work report typed in the Microsoft Words application.

Because with microsoft words you can easily create various kinds of writings for books or novels, and type the results you want to share or sell online, then the format is changed to PDF format.

But what happens if the original size is still too big?

Ilustrasi file pdf. (Pixabay)

You don’t need to use additional applications, because Microsoft Word actually already provides options so that PDF files are not too large in size.


  1. After finishing writing/scripting in Microsoft Word
  2. Click the File menu
  3. Then select the Export menu
  4. Then select the “Create PDF/XPS Document” menu
  5. And click the Create PDF/XPS button
  6. Next you will be asked to save the file on the drive you want
  7. Name the PDF file
  8. Then find the option “Optimize for : select Minimum size (published online)”
  9. Because if it is not changed then the default option is for the Standard option
  10. If you have clicked Publish

If the type of file you want to reduce is already in the form of a PDF, then you have to use an additional application, namely Adobe Acrobat Pro.


  1. Open the PDF File and run the Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  2. Then select the File menu
  3. Klik Save As Other
  4. Klik Reduce size PDF
  5. Then in a dialog box will appear several options
  6. Select Make Compatible with : Select Retain Existing
  7. Next click OK
  8. And save by clicking SAVE to save, don’t forget to name the new PDF file.

From the two methods above, the PDF file size is much smaller than the previous file, very easy, right?

Online Way

Another easiest way to reduce the size of a PDF file is to use a website compress PDF Online that you can use is smallpdf.com

In this site there are two options, namely the free version and the paid version, for the free version it is only able to reduce about -40% of the original file.

However, for the paid version, the file can be compressed up to -70% smaller size than the original file.

To use compress pdf online, please follow the guide:

  1. Buke website smallpdf.com
  2. Then select the Compress menu
  3. Drag and Drop on the box to upload PDF files
  4. Wait a few moments until the upload process
  5. Select the Basic compression option (free version)
  6. Click “choose Options”
  7. Wait until the compression process is complete
  8. When finished click “Download”

That was how to reduce PDF file size easily either offline or online, which one do you think is the easiest? Good luck. (COTEKNO.COM contributor: Jeffry francisco).


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