5 Insta Story Filters with Current Aesthetic Impressions, Try it

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Illustration of an Instagram filter. (HiTekno/Amelia Prisilia)

COTEKNO.COM – Instagram is now even more interesting with the filter feature on Insta Story. More diverse from day to day, here are 5 Insta Story filters with a contemporary aesthetic impression. Interested in trying?

Instagram filters are getting more diverse from day to day after this social media application gives its users the opportunity to be creative with their own filters.

In addition to coming with various features that change the appearance of the face, some Instagram filters are also equipped with aesthetic colors that make the Insta Story look more attractive.

How to use it is also very easy, you just need to go to the Instagram page of these filter makers, and immediately add the filter to your Insta Story. Summarized by the HiTekno team, here are 5 Insta Story filters with an aesthetic impression.

1. Rustic by @sarahazkapreset

Filter Instagram Rustic. (instagram/sarahazkapreset)

The Insta Story filter with the first aesthetic impression comes from the Instagram user @sarahazkapreset. The bright warm impression makes this filter a favorite of contemporary Instagram users.

2. Home by @anazsiantar

Filter Instagram Home. (instagram/anazsiantar)
Filter Instagram Home. (instagram/anazsiantar)

If Rustic gives a strong warm impression, the warm impression in @anazsiantar’s Home filter is even softer. Interestingly enough, this filter makes your skin look healthy and clean, you know.

3. Bayang Semu by @dwihandaanda

Instagram Filter Shadow Pseudo. (instagram/dwihandaanda)
Instagram Filter Shadow Pseudo. (instagram/dwihandaanda)

Another aesthetic Insta Story filter belongs to the celebrity @dwihandaanda. Pseudo Shadow comes with a mirror shadow effect decorated with thin rainbow stripes on several sides.

4. Ubud by @eatandtreats

Filter Instagram Ubud. (instagram/eatandtreats)
Filter Instagram Ubud. (instagram/eatandtreats)

Far from being warm, @eatandtreats’ Ubud filter is actually thick with a blue color that is bold but still soft and slick. You must try this filter when you are outdoors.

5. Soft by @gezsang

Filter Instagram Soft. (instagram/gezsang)
Filter Instagram Soft. (instagram/gezsang)

The Soft filter belonging to the @gezsang account is also one of the most popular Insta Story filters today. This filter provides a bright warm color and a good skin effect that makes you look fresh when using this filter.

Offering a contemporary aesthetic impression, those were the recommendations for the 5 most popular Insta Story filters today. If you are interested in making Instagram uploads even more slick, don’t forget to try the filter row above.


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