8.4 Billion Passwords Leaked Hacker Forum, Data Scattered on the Internet

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Ilustrasi password. (unsplash/Yura Fresh)

COTEKNO.COM – A popular hacker forum leaked 8.4 billion passwords and spread them across the internet. The file, named RockYou2021, is a compilation of .txt format files with a size of 100 GB with details of 8,459,060,239 passwords.

CyberNews reported on Thursday (10/6/2021), the perpetrator who used the anonymous account admitted that all of these passwords had a length of 6-20 characters. This compilation consists of passwords outside the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and without spaces.

It is said that the name RockYou2021 was inspired by the case of RockYou’s first data leak that occurred in 2009. At that time, hackers managed to break into the server of the social application’s website and get data on up to 32 million passwords stored in text format.

The account also claims that the file contains 82 billion passwords, though after testing the number is only 8.4 billion. Even so, this is the largest data leak case in the world to date.

Illustration of passwords. (unsplash/NeONBRAND)

It can be said, currently there are only about 4.7 billion users who have online accounts. Compared to the 8.4 billion leaked data, that figure covers nearly double the global online population.

This 8.4 billion data can potentially be a threat for account hacking. Because, hackers only need to find a user name and email address to link it with a password.

To anticipate this, the CyberNews team provides a solution to check the password to the 8.4 billion data. You can go directly to https://cybernews.com/password-leak-check/ and https://cybernews.com/personal-data-leak-check/ to check your password, email, and phone number. (Voice.com/Dicky Prastya)


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