Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme C20: Price 1 Million the Cuan

As if he wanted to assert his dominance in the segment entry-level, Realme Indonesia is back with its newest champion. Named Realme C20, this latest device is priced at only IDR 1.5 million. So, what kind of updates will you find from this brand-new Realme cellphone? Let’s take a look at the complete review, price and specifications, the advantages and disadvantages of the following Realme C20.

At the end of last month, Realme Indonesia introduced the Realme C20 series. Unmitigated, this Shenzhen-based company labeled Realme C20 as Entry-Level King for the Indonesian market.

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Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia, Palson, conveyed through a released statement that Realme C20 is a cellphone equipped with various entertainment functions. So, even young people can make this brand-new model an option from the Realme C series that can meet their needs.

So what hmm the advantages of this latest mobile phone? And, what made Realme Indonesia dare to give this label?

To explore that, the team COTEKNO has prepared an explanation regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Realme C20 which includes reviews, specifications reviews, and prices in Indonesia. If you are interested in buying, don’t forget to read the reviews below, bro!

Realme C20 specifications

Over the last few years, Realme has become one of the most prolific HP manufacturers. As a result, not even ten years of the company’s age, Realme already has dozens of HP series which are divided into various classes.

And Realme C20 is proof of the company’s productivity. Since its introduction, Realme C was designed as an entry-level HP that wants to satisfy buyers of cheap but quality HP. As a result, a line of cellphones that have a charming design as well as fierce performance.

Realme C20 inherits the values ​​that the company has instilled since its inception. This latest HP Realme comes with a Geometric Art design. The company also provides two color choices for users. Namely Iron Gray and Lake Blue.

Unfortunately, the design of the device is not much different from most of the Realme HP released this year. On the back, firm coat body with plastic material. There is no fingerprint sensor panel. So, you will reach a smoother back and filled by the Realme icon in the lower-left corner.

Meanwhile, there is a rectangular module placed in the top right corner. Unfortunately, there is only one main camera that the company has built into the module. Namely, the camera-wide 8MP capability is also equipped with the Auto-Focus (AF) feature.

Even so, you can still get a share of the company’s flagship photography features. Like HDR mode, panorama, LED Flash, and video recording with 1080p results at 30FPS.

On the front, Realme C20 is coated with an IPS LCD panel with a width of 6.5 inches. Luckily, for the size of the cellphone, the price is Rp1 million, this brand-new cellphone is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass.

Still, on the screen, the front camera is kept on notch shaped dewdrop. The Realme C20 selfie camera has 5MP capability and is able to activate HDR mode.

You can also more freely record clips for TikTok videos because the camera recordings from the selfie camera are 1080 pixels high at 30FPS. Pretty tempting, right?

Entering the innards section, Realme C20 relies on the performance of the MediaTek Helio G35 kitchen runway. In fact, the use of MediaTek’s gaming chipset is quite profitable. Moreover, the price of the product is only Rp. 1 million.

Unfortunately, the GPU used is the PowerVR GE8320. So, it is still a question whether the quality of the resulting graphics will be at the same level as the HP supported by other MediaTek Helio G35 – such as the Realme C21 (review).

Meanwhile, Realme C20 is also still supported by 2GB Ram with 32GB of internal storage. Luckily, the company has added an SD card slot. So, if the storage capacity is lacking, you can add external storage.

Realme C20 Price in Indonesia

As already mentioned, the company gave the title of this newest champion as King of Million Smartphones. So, it can be concluded that Realme Indonesia sells the C20 series at a price in that range.

And sure enough. According to a team search COTEKNO on the official site Realme Indonesia, you can buy Realme C20 for only Rp. 1,299 million! Yes, the price is quite tempting and competitive for this segment.

Moreover, for the HP specification segment under 1.5 million, you can already get a cellphone that is supported by the MediaTek Helio G35 gaming chipset. Of course, an offer that you won’t get from other vendors, right?

Well, if you are interested in owning it, the author has prepared links to several online stores that sell this latest HP Realme. So, just click the link below, select the Realme C20 color, then check out just, yes.

Realme C20 Advantages and Disadvantages

So, after reading the description regarding the specifications and price of the Realme C20 above, is this product really a profitable choice? So, so that you better understand, also see how the advantages and disadvantages of Realme C20 are.

So, when the device’s performance doesn’t match expectations, you won’t feel too disappointed. Without going into detail, immediately refer to the following description:


  • One camera support only
  • RAM 2GB
  • Internal storage is minimal, only 32GB
  • Too much bloatware or a built-in application
  • The device gets hot easily if it is used continuously


  • The battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh
  • 1080 pixel video recording
  • Android 10 operating system with Realme UI 1.0
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Cover 3
  • The price is quite favorable

Realme C20 Review: Best Price with Attractive Features

To fill in a segment entry-level or HP for a million, Realme C20 can be an attractive option. The offer of the latest features with qualified components can be an offer that is difficult to refuse by most consumers of cheap Android HP.

Not only that, but this cellphone is also quite satisfying if you use it as a secondary smartphone. The performance is no less fierce than the HP for the price of 2 million, or Realme products in the same class that is sold more expensive.

So, for the final choice, of course, the writer returns to the reader. Will you be interested in buying this device? As for the writer, yes.

After describing the advantages and disadvantages of Realme C20 this time. Hopefully, the explanation above can help you to better recognize this latest Realme cellphone, yes.

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