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Not long ago, Samsung Indonesia introduced the Samsung Galaxy M62. Filling the middle class competition, will this latest Samsung Galaxy cellphone succeed in stealing the attention? So that you know better, first consider the description of the specifications, reviews, prices, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy M62 below.

Until now, the middle class HP segment is still the most lively. Filled with many choices that have specifications and designs that are quite luxurious, but are priced quite affordable. And Samsung doesn’t seem to want to admit its defeat in this segment.

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Recently, the company launched its newest phone for the segment. Named the Samsung Galaxy M62, this phone doesn’t just offer a luxurious design. But the battery life is quite large. How not, 7,000 mAh boss!

Not only that, this giant battery is also supported by 25W fast charging technology. Promising users more comfort – especially for those of you who are active outdoors.

So, what are the updates that the company has invested in this latest HP? To review this, the team COTEKNO have prepared some information that you need to know.

Includes a review of mobile phones in the middle segment, specifications, prices, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy M62. Want to know?

Color options Samsung M62 (Samsung)
Color options Samsung M62 (Samsung)

Galaxy M62 Specifications

In producing the device, Samsung does not seem to follow the naming rules used by many vendors. The proof is that suddenly a cellphone with the Galaxy M62 series was launched – without being preceded by the Galaxy M42, M32, or M12.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you can underestimate Samsung products. Also, don’t remove it from the reference list if you want to replace a new cellphone. You see, the Galaxy M62 can be one of the best choices for those of you who have a variety of activities.

Of course you want proof of the above statement? For more details, see the description of the Galaxy M62 specifications below.


The bigger the device, the easier it will be to steal the market’s attention. Apparently, this assumption is now being applied by many smartphone manufacturers. Samsung is no exception.

The dimensions of the device are quite wide. Namely 163.9 × 76.3 × 9.5 mm. Unfortunately, because it uses plastic material, the grip feels less stable. The phone feels slick and slips easily!

But these weaknesses are compensated by the company through a charming design. Square-shaped module that wraps around the rear camera, then gradient color that covers body back. These factors make the Galaxy M62 even more stealing.

Galaxy M62 Screen (Samsung)
Galaxy M62 Screen (Samsung)


On the screen, Samsung provides this device with a Super AMOLED panel with a width of 6.7 inches. Unfortunately, for a cellphone that is sold for 5 million, the free quality of this cellphone is fairly low. Only able to display graphics with refresh rate 60Hz only!

In fact, Samsung has provided the Galaxy A32 5G (review) with AMOLED screen capable of displaying refresh rate 90Hz. Of course the shortcomings are the concern of many consumers.

Not the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy M62 if we only review the weaknesses. Since the Galaxy M62 uses a Super AMOLED display, the graphics quality refresh rate The 60Hz produced by this device is of course different from other devices.

More detail and richer colors!

As a result, playing the game Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile will be more comfortable. Try it right away!

Kitchen runway Galaxy M62 (Samsung)
Kitchen runway Galaxy M62 (Samsung)


Samsung is starting to learn from its mistakes over the past few years. The Exynos chipset, the SoC developed by the company, is starting to get upgraded. Both in terms of processing, power efficiency, and graphics management.

And those advantages are found in the Galaxy M62. Once used, you will feel the experience of operating a flagship smartphone. Fast and without slack!

Good for browsing, chatting, to multitasking. Based on the direct experience of many users, it is rare for them to feel sluggish performance when operating this device. This means that the RAM management of the device has succeeded in delivering a more optimal experience.

And this toughness can be given well by the device thanks to the Exynos 9825 chipset. This SoC has eight processing cores. As for graphics processing, the Exynos 9825 relies on the Mali-G76 MP12 GPU.

Not only that, there is still support for 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. So, you can more freely store multiple files – whether video files, photos, or even applications. Very soothing, right?

Galaxy M62 gaming performance (Techlekh)
Galaxy M62 gaming performance (Techlekh)


Many parties have recognized the toughness of this device. However, many users also lament how fragile the exterior of the device is. As for the camera, the lens wrapping module is one of the parts that you need to pay attention to.

You see, many users have said that this part is easy to scratch. So, please be careful when using the device, ok?

It’s just that, if we talk about capabilities, the Galaxy M62 camera is quite satisfying. On the back, there are four main cameras that promise more optimal shots.

Each consists of a 64MP wide PDAF lens, 12MP ultra-wide lens, 5MP macro lens, and 5MP depth sensor.

Galaxy M62 camera specifications (Samsung)
Galaxy M62 camera specifications (Samsung)

Meanwhile, the front camera is wrapped punch-hole which is located in the middle. Amazingly, the front camera of this latest Samsung Galaxy cellphone has a 32MP capability.

That way, the video clip recordings from the Galaxy M62 front camera can be more detailed and colorful.

Yes, perfect for those of you who like to make video content on TikTok or Instagram!


HP Samsung Galaxy M62 Design (Techlekh)
HP Samsung Galaxy M62 Design (Techlekh)

A few days ago, Samsung Indonesia held a flash sale Galaxy M62. Working with a number of e-commerce, HP Samsung Galaxy M62 is sold at a price of Rp. 5,799 million. More efficient Rp 200 thousand!

As for the normal price, citing information on the official Samsung Indonesia website, the Galaxy M62 is priced at Rp. 5,999 million.

Interested in having? You can buy the Galaxy M62 right now. Just click on the link the author has prepared below. You will be taken to the online store sales page in Indonesia. Just check it out, okay?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Galaxy M62

Complete specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M62 (Special Doc/Droila)
Complete specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M62 (Special Doc/COTEKNO)

Fast performance, large capacity battery, and Super AMOLED screen. Perhaps, you can find various needs from middle-class phones from this product.

Even so, that doesn’t mean the Galaxy M62 is without weaknesses. So that you can recognize it better, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy M62. Here are some points that you must know.


  • The screen is not capable of producing a high refresh rate
  • The body design and material are not satisfactory for a cellphone priced at Rp. 5 million – even close to Rp. 6 million.
  • Without Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • Not yet supported wireless charging technology
  • No gyro-EIS support which makes videos more stable
Galaxy M62 Battery (Samsung)
Galaxy M62 Battery (Samsung)


  • The screen is quite wide
  • Panel Super AMOLED
  • Android 11 operating system compatible with One UI 3.1
  • SD card slot
  • The results of photos and videos are quite satisfactory
  • 7000 mAh battery capacity
  • 25W fast charging technology as well reverse charging


Pros and cons of Galaxy M62 (Techlekh)
Pros and cons of Galaxy M62 (Techlekh)

According to COTEKNO, the Samsung Galaxy M62 is a pretty promising phone. You can get various advantages for only Rp. 5 million. Moreover, you can also use some of the features of premium phones through this device.

However, if you look at the competition, the specifications and performance of the device seem far behind with products made in China. For example, for a selling price that is close to IDR 6 million, you can already get the Mi 10T Pro (review), you know.

In fact, the middle class cellphone from Xiaomi is already supported by the chipset high-end. Of course, in terms of performance, it far beats the Exynos series used by the Galaxy M62.

So, for the final decision, of course lies in the hands of prospective buyers. If you are a Samsung addictThis device can be an option if you are looking for a fast but affordable device.

Well, after the description of the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy M62 this time. Hopefully the explanation above can help you in making a decision before buying this latest Samsung Galaxy cellphone, yes.


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