Apple’s AR headset launching mid-2022

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Apple’s AR headset, which will arrive in mid-2022, is said to have “mixed reality” support that can be optimized by third parties.

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The news about the presence of Apple’s AR headset is back. Ming-Chi Kuo just confirmed when Apple will launch their AR headset and make it available to all consumers.

In a recent statement, Kuo said he had received a leak from one of Apple’s suppliers, Genius Electronic Optical. It’s not just what this AR headset can do, but also when it will launch.

He said this AR headset can be used by several parties other than Apple, such as Facebook and Sony. In fact, Kuo also said that this headset will also have “mixed reality” support.

In addition, Kuo also said that he had obtained details of the launch time of Apple’s AR headset. Reportedly, they will launch this device in mid-2022.

“We predict that Apple will launch AR HMD (head-mounted display) devices in the second quarter of 2022. The devices will provide a see-through video AR experience, so lenses are also needed, and Genius will be the main supplier,” Kuo said, as quoted from the page. Macrumors (9/6).

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously said in March that Apple’s AR headset would arrive in the next few months. But apparently, Apple changed their minds so that the launch time was delayed again.


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