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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – Implementation of 5G services is considered to be a new chapter in the industrial revolution landscape. Efficiency and productivity are considered to be increasingly guaranteed in this era, and of course the end of the benefits of the presence of the super-fast network is Indonesia’s economic growth which is expected to be massive.

Teguh Prasetya, General Chairperson of the Indonesian IoT Association (Asioti) explained, if you look at the need for 5G not only for the public, “What I see is that the current 5G implementation for industry has enormous potential. For example we make like Stand Alone Network, which is not public but more private, for example held in a special area, area or building, we see the potential is big enough to develop it,” said Teguh to Mobile, Wednesday (9/6).

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According to Teguh, this can happen because the private area that provides 5G services requires efficiency in various ways, be it data, voice, or connecting devices. “Through this 5G network, all these needs will be fulfilled. So never again that’s it, which relies on local area network (LAN), cables and so on to connect because they will be replaced. This is possible because the bandwidth provided is sufficient, the connectivity latency is low. This is what we see potential in the future. So there is no need to wait for 5G to grow massively first to replace 4G, because it will take a long time for sure,” he continued.

Especially in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is undeniable that the manufacturing industry has moved to digitize itself, the performance of automation is now moving to replace the role of conventional (human) workers.

Then in addition to automation, interconnection between factories began to be established, “That way the automation of the production process goes well, and digital transformation will run faster,” said Teguh.

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Despite the potential, there are a number of challenges that the industry must prepare to welcome this 5G. One of them is how to prepare workers to advance to class with skills that suit the needs of their time.

Teguh said that in the future, workers should have become supervisors of tools that can automate work. “So workers are promoted because of the influence of digitalization. And in our own industry we are landmark return on investment it’s a maximum of 2 years you know, that way they (the industrial sector) will no longer hesitate to digitize themselves. And we need to know that the industry itself has 3 needs, firstly, optimizing operational costs, increasing productivity, and increasing revenue. So digitalization, the pace of industrial automation cannot be avoided because it guarantees these three things,” he said.

For your information, apart from providing 5G services to the public. Now Telkomsel has just signed a memorandum of understanding or memorandum of understanding (MoU) with French technology company Schneider Electric in order to accelerate the adoption of 5G network technology services in the industrial sector.

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The signing of the MoU with Schneider Electric is also proof that Telkomsel wants to present an appropriate 5G service ecosystem through collaborative efforts with stakeholders, especially with industry players.

As a follow-up to the adoption of 5G in Indonesia, specifically for the industrial sector, Telkomsel will also hold the D’Frontrunner initiative as a movement to invite many companies to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

There are a number of programs run from the D’Frontrunner initiation, including the D’Frontrunner Award, and the D’Frontrunner Talk. This initiative is the mission of Telkomsel myBusiness as a business unit that leads digital technology orchestration through the provision of comprehensive digital-based business solutions.


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