Be the MVP in the Decisive Game, This is a Lapu-Lapu Item Build ala BTR Rippo

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Hero Lapu-Lapu. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

COTEKNO.COM – Bigetron Alpha (BTR Alpha) appeared very convincing when facing Resurgence SG in the decisive match on Wednesday (09/06/2021). Here we share the Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends build item in the style of BTR Rippo.

It should be noted that the Bigetron Alpha (Indonesia) vs. Resurgence SG (Singapore) match is a kind of match for the two teams. How not, the team must lift the suitcase first if they lose in the play-in round.

Fortunately, BTR managed to crush RSG by a score of 2 vs 0 in a super fast game. Renbo who became a jungler and Rippo’s entry as an Offlaner seemed to be a secret from BTR.

Carrying out his duties well, Renbo became the first game MVP and Rippo won the second game MVP. When winning the second game with a score of 15 vs 4, Rippo using Lapu-Lapu managed to get 3 kills and 8 assists. His Kill Participation is quite high at 73 percent.

Fighting quite firmly on the front lines, BTR Rippo’s initiation was able to destroy the Resurgence formation in the ninth minute. Victory from BTR saw them qualify for the Lower Bracket play-offs.

MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 3, the second game Bigetron vs Resurgence SG won by BTR . (YouTube/ MPL Indonesia)

Here’s the build item Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends a la BTR Rippo:

1. Warrior Boots

Item Warrior Boots. (Mobile Legends)
Item Warrior Boots. (Mobile Legends)

This item is very useful when used by Fighter heroes in the early-game. Warrior Boots can increase Physical Defense by 20 points and passive skills that will increase 5 points of Physical Defense every time they receive a Basic Attack (5 times stack).

2. Oracle

Item Oracle. (HiTekno)
Item Oracle. (HiTekno)

Oracle can help Lapu-Lapu in generating high HP Regen. Oracle grants +850 HP, +42 Magical Defense, and +10 percent CD Reduction. This one defense item can also increase Shield Absorption from HP Regen by 30 percent.

Lapu-Lapu, who has to spam skill one and initiate initiation at the front line, only needs an Oracle item.

3. Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe. (
Bloodlust Axe. (COTEKNO.COM)

Bloodlust Ax is very useful for Lapu-Lapu because it offers an additional 20 percent Spell Vamp attribute. This makes the HP from Lapu-Lapu will increase when he does his skill combo.

This item can add 70 points of Physical Attack and 10 percent CD Reduction. The combination of Oracle and Bloodlust Ax makes additional CD Reduction to 20 percent. It allows Lapu-Lapu hero users to unleash the ultimate Bravest Fighter and Raging Slash in a shorter pause.

4. Queen’s Wing

Queen's Wing. (Mobile Legends)
Queen’s Wing. (Mobile Legends)

Known as a wing item, Queen’s Wing is very useful for reducing the damage effect given by the opponent. This item offers +25 Physical Attack, +900 HP, and 10 percent CD Reduction.

The combination of Oracle, Bloodlust Ax, and Queen’s Wing makes CD Reduction to 30 percent. In addition to offering a shorter time to issue the ultimate, this item has a beneficial passive skill effect.

Queen’s Wing reduces damage taken by 20 percent when HP is less than 40 percent and increases Spell Vamp by 25 percent for 5 seconds.

Build Lapu-Lapu items in the style of BTR Rippo. Rippo won the second MVP game. (YouTube/MPL Indonesia)
Build Lapu-Lapu items in the style of BTR Rippo. Rippo won the second MVP game. (YouTube/MPL Indonesia)

The fifth and sixth items from Rippo’s BTR haven’t been finished yet considering the game against Resurgence took place very quickly, only 10 minutes.

He only left one Leather Jerkin. These items lead to several Defense items including Blade Armor, Immortality, Thunder Belt, Dominance Ice, and Brute Force. Immortality and Brute Force are reasonable item choices in the late game period.

That was the Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends build item ala BTR Rippo, interested in using it?


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