Become a Signature Hero, This Build Item Chou Version Bigetron Alpha Kyy

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Build item Chou version of Bigetron Alpha Kyy. (Instagram / MPL Indonesia)

COTEKNO.COM – Bigetron Alpha frontman, Kyy is known for his ability to use Chou’s hero as a tank. So Kyy’s signature hero, how to build this item Chou player version of Bigetron Alpha?

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In the Mobile Legends game, Chou is known as a fighter hero who is agile and hard to beat. Not all Mobile Legends players can use Chou properly and correctly.

To use Chou in tournaments or ranks, you can use the Bigetron Alpha Kyy version of the build item below. By using this build item, it is guaranteed that the Chou you use will be more OP.

1. Warrior Boots

This Warrior Boots item provides 22 physical defense with 40 movement speed. The passive skill of this item provides five additional physical defenses for each receiving a basic attack.

2. Antique Cuirass

Chou, Hero Mobile Legends. (Moonton)

Antique Cuirass is usually used by tanker or fighter heroes. This item provides additional HP and high armor. With this additional HP and armor, Chou can bulldoze heroes like Zilong and Lancelot.

3. Athena’s Shield

This general item is suitable for use against troublesome mage heroes. Athena Shield provides an additional 900 HP, 62 magical defense and 4 HP regen. This item’s passive skill is able to reduce magical damage by 25 percent for 5 seconds.

4. Immortality

Immortality provides an additional 800 HP and 40 physical defense for Chou. The unique passive of this item is able to revive Chou after 2 seconds of being eliminated. Not only that, this item provides an additional 15 percent HP and shield when used.

5. Queen’s Wings

BTR Kyy. (Instagram / btr_kyy)
BTR Kyy. (Instagram / btr_kyy)

Queen’s Wings provides 25 physical attacks, 900 HP and 10 percent cooldown reduction when used by Chou. Queen’s Wings passive skill can reduce damage by 30 percent when HP is below 40 percent.

6. Shadow Mask

Shadow Mask gives an additional 700 HP and 10 percent cooldown reduction and 25 percent movement speed. Shadow Mask’s passive skill is able to give an additional 2 gold and EXP every 4 seconds.

Known to be quite deadly with this tanker hero, that was the Chou build item version of Bigetron Alpha Kyy. Interested in tasting this one build item?


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