Binge, a new streaming platform that will be unveiled at E3

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A new game service streaming platform called Binge will be introduced at the upcoming E3 conference.

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Binge is called a service streaming which will be revealed at the upcoming E3. The platform, which calls itself “the future of gaming entertainment,” will reportedly contain original content featuring popular game franchises and characters.

Instead of trying to compete with Twitch, Binge aims to attract viewers who want “premium tier” series and short films based on their favorite games. Most companies looking to create content in the gaming space have tried to emulate the success of Twitch, or create content directly on other platforms, such as social media.

Meanwhile, some of the most popular games are made into movies and expanded universe content, based on historical game worlds. However, Binge wants to change that. The company partners with game developers and publishers to create high-quality series based on new and retro games.

The platform will be available free of charge and can be watched on smartphone, game consoles, PCs and TVs. Like other gaming platforms, the service plans to offer a “Squad Party” feature, which allows viewers to watch content together and earn rewards for watching.

Quoted from Digital Trends (10/6), the company assured fans regarding the quality of Binge’s content. They say the content will honor fans and inspire games.


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