Blizzard announces crossplay feature in Overwatch

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After several years of waiting, gamers on Overwatch can now play together across all platforms by simply linking their accounts.

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Gamers can’t wait to be able to play the Overwatch game with their friends on different platforms. This is because Blizzard has been teasing gamers with this feature for the past few years.

However, Blizzard also took a long time to develop these features. One of the reasons is the pandemic that hit the world in 2020.

But don’t worry. Because, recently Blizzard said that now they have completed the feature. This means that gamers on all platforms, whether PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch can play together.

Engadget (10/6) reports, to use this feature, gamers must create a account if they don’t already have one. Then, all they have to do is link the account to their Xbox, PSN, or Nintendo account.

However, in fact Blizzard will still ask gamers to create a account and be connected to other services. Maybe this is one way to make the number of users of their platform continue to increase.

One more thing to note is that any collectible content that gamers get on one system will not carry over to another platform. So, if you want to switch from one platform to another, this will be considered as different content.

Also, only competitive mode will not get support crossplay. It is natural to make fair everyone who wants to play competitively. Lastly, Blizzard will be giving everyone who linked their accounts together before the end of the year a free gold loot box.


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