Business Funds Help MSMEs to be Adaptive and Develop Optimally in the Digital Age

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Business FUND feature. (FUND)

COTEKNO.COM – Business Funds are increasingly in demand by MSME players in Indonesia. To date, there are more than 250,000 MSMEs in Indonesia that have joined and with a growth of more than 25% during Ramadan. MSMEs that join DANA Bisnis run a variety of businesses, from marketers of traditional Indonesian products, slang coffee shops, agriculture, and even traders who trade in traditional markets.

“The pandemic situation has pushed more and more consumers to choose to minimize conventional transactions with physical money. Online commerce is also on the rise. The government’s #BanggaBuatanIndonesia campaign has also pushed the pace of digitization among MSME players. Until finally, the appeal not to go home during Lebaran, has become a factor driving the strengthening of the digital transaction culture that encourages many MSMEs to go digital easily by joining DANA Bisnis, “ said Vince Iswara, CEO and Co-Founder of DANA.

In addition to these external factors, there are several factors that are driving the continued growth of DANA Bisnis partners. Rangga Wiseno, Senior VP of Product DANA said that DANA Bisnis was built and developed based on an in-depth analysis of various needs, challenges and opportunities that must be anticipated by business actors.

Business FUND feature. (FUND)

“Our Business Fund is presented as a solution that is able to accommodate the needs of business actors, as well as a solution so that their business continues to be able to survive, be adaptive, agile, and able to continue to grow in the midst of these disruptive and dynamic situations,” said Ranga.

What are the actual benefits of the profitable Business Fund for MSMEs, especially in facilitating MSMEs to go digital and enabling them to anticipate various challenges, needs and opportunities in this all-connected, practical and intelligent era? Ranga explained as follows:

Simple Transaction with Link
Businesses can send links to potential customers to make their payments and shopping experience easier. Links can be sent directly via WhatsApp or other social media.

QRIS FUND to Pay from Any App
DANA also provides QRIS which can be printed directly by business owners. With the presence of QRIS, customers can make payments from any application.

Accept Virtual Account Payments or Virtual Accounts
DANA Bisnis has now also provided payments via virtual accounts so that the payment options are more diverse and everything makes it easier.

Practical Withdrawing Business Fund Balance
DANA Bisnis provides a feature to withdraw business actors’ DANA Bisnis balance online at any time to the desired bank account.

Check Transaction History Through the Dashboard
Each business actor will be provided with his own dashboard, enabling them to directly monitor the daily business conditions.

In addition to the five advantages above, DANA Bisnis also allows business actors to invite their customers to provide positive comments and leave ratings as a form of constructive feedback that can be used as input for further business performance improvement.

“The results of customer reviews can appear on the DANA homepage and can be seen by fellow DANA users. As a result, the visibility of businesses in the public sphere will be even higher. The protection and convenience that we provide also makes business actors protected, safe and does not have to bother in digitizing their business with DANA Bisnis,” Ranga concluded.


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