Compare M2 Prizes with Other Competitions, RRQ Lemon: How Far

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RRQ Lemons. (instagram/ikhsan_lemon)

COTEKNO.COM – Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan recently uploaded a statement via his Instagram account regarding the M2 World Championship Mobile Legends prize. RRQ Lemon compared the total prizes received by M2 with other international eSports competitions.

It should be noted that the M2 World Championship attracted millions of spectators from various countries when it was held in January 2021. Recently, the Free Fire World Series 2021 (FFWS 2021) was also completed last week.

Through Insta Story, the senior player at RRQ also shared prizepool data for several tournaments from Esports Charts. He seemed to circle the row of tournaments from the top position and the position below it.

Judging from the data shared, RRQ Lemon seems to think that the M2 World Championship prize is too small compared to other competitions.

Free Fire World Series 2021 offers a prize of US$2 million or Rp. 28.6 billion. While M2 Mobile Legends “only” gives a total prize of 300 thousand US dollars or Rp. 4.3 billion.

RRQ Lemon’s story about the M2 Mobile Legends prize. (Instagram/ ikhsan_lemon)

In fact, the world-class PUBG Mobile and League of Legends competitions also offer prizes of more than 2 million US dollars.

How far,” wrote RRQ Lemon while giving a special emoticon. When viewed from the nominal, Lemon’s rant is quite reasonable in comparing the total prizes provided.

The hype from Mobile Legends itself is very large both in Southeast Asia and the world, so it is normal for many fans or eSports players to ask for even higher prizes.

M2 World Championship Cup. (Special)
M2 World Championship Cup. (Special)

The difference between 300 thousand dollars to 2 million US dollars is certainly so much that it raises its own questions. It is quite interesting whether this is input from Moonton so that the prize for the upcoming M3 World Championship competition will be bigger.

The Mobile Legends eSports competition itself experienced an increase in audiences in the latest data shared by the Esports Chart.

Data from Esports Charts reveals that the M2 Grand Final match won more than 3.08 million Peak View. The RRQ vs Bren match got the second most viewers with a Peak View of 2,680,620.

RRQ Lemons. (instagram/ikhsan_lemon)
RRQ Lemons. (instagram/ikhsan_lemon)

At that time, MPL ID Season 6 had a Peak View of 1.39 million. In comparison to the previous competition, the M1 scored “only” 640K Peak View. Meanwhile, the final match between EVOS vs BTR at MPL ID Season 7 also reached 1.8 million Peak View.

Considering that Moonton gains a lot of viewers in the national and world level Mobile Legends competitions, it makes sense that many would expect the prize to be enlarged.


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