Competing specifications on social media, Xiaomi is ready to sue Infinix

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Infinix Instagram account makes Xiaomi fans or MiFans excited. The reason is Infinix’s post comparing the specifications of the Hot 10S series smartphone with Xiaomi.

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Infinix Instagram account makes Xiaomi fans or MiFans excited. The cause is posting-an Infinix comparing specs smartphone Hot 10S series with smartphone allegedly made by Xiaomi.

This allegation is reinforced by the title “Says Champion”, where the word Jawara is often used by Xiaomi on several of its devices. Not only that, there is also a vague “9T” in the image uploaded by Infinix.

However, this sarcastic action between Xiaomi and Infinix on social media (social media) allegedly stems from the upload of POCO Indonesia which compares the POCO M3 with the Infinix Hot 10S.

Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia, Alvin Tse, was then moved to comment on the Infinix upload. He gave a curt response saying the post was bad and misleading. Not only that, Alvin also threatened to sue Infinix to the ministry because of the information that was considered heretical.

Unfortunately, Alvin’s comment is no longer visible on Infinix’s Instagram upload, but was immortalized by a netizen and shared on Twitter.

What concerns Xiaomi is related to information that is considered misleading for consumers, so that according to the company legal steps are needed to create fair competition.

“We will follow the recommendations from our team of legal experts regarding whether we will exercise these rights. What is more important here is to educate the public about the importance of competing fairly by displaying clear and accurate information in comparison with competing brands,” said Stephanie Sicilia. , Head of PR Xiaomi Indonesia contacted COTEKNO.COM.

Comparison of specifications alone is nothing new in the market smartphone. In every new product launch event, the majority of vendors smartphone compare its new product with competitors. It’s just that information that is considered misleading is considered by Xiaomi to drag Infinix to the ministry.

“At Xiaomi, users are our main focus, and of course Xiaomi welcomes any form of comparison with competing brands as a means to educate consumers in choosing the best product for them,” he said.

“However, we recently found comparisons referring to our products, namely “Jawara” and “9T”, and displaying the specifications of these products inaccurately. This can have an impact on Indonesian consumers because they will make purchasing decisions based on the information provided by us. it is not in accordance with.”


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