EA and Dice will soon reveal the next Battlefield

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After leaks of this game have been leaking for several months, EA and Dice will finally share information about the latest Battlefield game.

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It’s been months since the first leaks of the latest Battlefield game surfaced on the internet. Fans of the game franchise can’t wait to get direct information from EA and Dice regarding the game.

In the end, the fans ’anticipation was heard by both sides. Recently, EA as publisher game and Dice as the developer of the latest Battlefield game spoke about when they will provide exact information regarding the game.

In a posting-an on Twitter via the official Battlefield account, the two said they would provide information regarding the game on June 9. Apparently, they will reveal trailer latest from the game.

They will share a trailer “internals” of the game. The last time Dice gave trailer game in the modern theater of war was when it announced Battlefield 4 in 2013.

This announcement will also eliminate the curiosity of fans. Because, lately new fans have received news from sources that are still not fully trusted.

However, don’t expect to get a lot of information about the game. Hopefully, in this latest leak, EA and Dice will announce when the game will be playable.


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