Effective Marketing Tricks, Home Ads Bring Doraemon Messages from the Future

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Precise marketing tricks, home advertising with Doraemon’s message from the future. (Twitter/@iklanlawak)

COTEKNO.COM – Many sellers use marketing tricks to attract the attention of potential buyers. Like the marketing of this house, which put up a banner carrying Doraemon’s message from the future.

It is not known whether this house sells quickly or not, but it certainly stole the attention of netizens and went viral on social media.

How not, the house seller uses the Doraemon banner to sell his house until he dares to predict the future.

The banner that went viral on social media was shared by the Twitter account @ adlawak on Friday (3/6/2021). Until this news was made, this post has received almost 1.5 thousand likes.

The light blue banner was completed with a photo of Doraemon waving happily. Not to forget, house ads are written to attract buyers.

Interestingly, the house advertisements that are written do not include the land area or facilities as in general. The ad actually includes Doraemon’s prediction about the price of house property which is guaranteed to increase 100 times in the 22nd century.

I’ve seen, in the 22nd century this property’s price went up 100 times. Doraemon. Immediately contact me,” wrote the ad as quoted by COTEKNO.COM from Suara.com, Friday (4/6/2021).

Viral Homes For Sale Using Doraemon Marketing Strategies. (Twitter/@iklanlawak)

Suddenly the home seller’s marketing trick was immediately flooded with comments by netizens. They wrote various funny comments to compliments about the odd house ad.

It means that until the 22nd century the property has not been sold, dong,” said a netizen.

This smart, usually property ad banners are boring and just like that. This one provokes a lot of peoplecome netizen.

Wow, that’s cool, give me the number, it’s okay to borrow a door anywhere, joked netizens.

Want marketing now cleverly beyond all limits, “replied the netizen.

Doraemon is a realtor, “replied the netizen.

S3 Marketing University of Tokyo,” said another.

That’s the house ad that went viral on social media, did carrying Doraemon’s message make it sell fast? Or is this marketing trick just viral? (Suara.com/ Ruth Meliana Dwi Indriani).


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