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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report representing 1.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, including 220 million 5G subscribers, shows that 5G-ready smartphone users in Indonesia perceive this fifth-generation technology to be 10 times faster than 4G.

With higher speeds, ultra-low latency and wide coverage, 5G is also a transformation driver for businesses and will play an important role in supporting the government’s agenda towards digital transformation and industrial 4.0 applications in Indonesia.

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Jerry Soper, Country Head of Ericsson Indonesia, explained that based on the ‘Five Ways to a Better 5G’ report, it also identified the benefits of 5G for smartphone users around the world, not least in Indonesia, which is claimed in the future will spend more time on AR applications and media compared to other countries. users who have smartphones with 4G technology.

“By 2025, consumers in Indonesia are expected to spend 7.5-8 hours per week using augmented reality (AR) and cloud gaming applications. Ericsson’s findings show that consumers in Indonesia are willing to pay 50 percent more for 5G packages equipped with digital services,” said Jerry.

Currently, 19% of consumers surveyed already own a smartphone that supports 5G. The report also shows that around 5 million smartphone users in Indonesia will switch to 5G in the first two years after 5G networks become available. By switching to 5G, communication service providers have an advantage that makes them stand out in the local market.

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“One of the most compelling benefits of 5G for users is the enhanced and immersive video quality. The high speed with low latency of 5G enables 360-degree 4K video streams on wireless connectivity, allowing users to enjoy immersive and real-time broadcasting through VR glasses.”

Then Jerry also said that 5G will change the way people interact, community functions and business performance, as well as spur massive economic expansion.

“Ericsson, a leader in the information and communication technology industry, has nearly 140 5G commercial agreements, 86 5G live networks worldwide, and has 57,000 global patents. For more than 100 years in Indonesia, we have established strong partnerships with local governments and telecommunications operators. We hope to continue to provide 5G experiences for Indonesian consumers together with Telkomsel, and support the government’s agenda towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0 applications in Indonesia,” he said.

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However, Jerry emphasized that the overall benefits of 5G can be present if there is a strong ecosystem. And the availability of the spectrum is the key to the rapid absorption of the technology.

“Availability of adequate spectrum will also accelerate Indonesia’s digital transformation journey, become the basis for innovation, encourage economic growth, and unlock the full potential of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, making Indonesia a leading 5G country,” said Jerry.


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