Facebook releases The Resiliency Initiative site

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Together with The Asia Foundation, Facebook presents The Resiliency Initiative website to fight hate and intolerance online.

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Facebook announces site launch web The Resiliency Initiative, which is a partnership between Facebook and The Asia Foundation, to combat hatred and intolerance in a global way online. The website aims to promote tolerance, strengthen interfaith and interethnic understanding, and fight violent extremism in the Asia Pacific.

“At Facebook, we aim to identify and remove harmful content from platform us as quickly as possible and we have made good progress in this area. But this is only one part of the solution. It is equally important to enable constructive dialogue and encourage counter speech to promote social cohesion and counter harm offline. We are pleased to have launched The Resiliency Initiative in partnership with The Asia Foundation as one of our flagship programs to tackle hate and violent extremism,” Facebook said on its website.

The initiative was initially community-centered with workshops online for 60 organizations from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan and the Philippines. Then the site release web this is the next step in strengthening the community of practice.

Site web The Resiliency Initiative provides tools and resources for civil society organizations to help them use social media to build stronger communities, especially in areas affected by violent conflict. It includes a guide to getting started on social media, creating content online effective management, managing their presence on social media, measuring impact and combating misinformation, and case studies with insights from communities across the region.

Currently, The Resiliency Initiative is available in English, Bengali, Thai and Urdu. But Facebook says in the coming weeks it will add more languages. In the second half of this year, The Resiliency Initiative will work with civil society organizations in Asia Pacific to build their social resilience campaigns to combat hatred globally. online, and extending the program’s reach to new communities in the region. Facebook is also partnering with experts on digital storytelling training programs.

Meanwhile, The Asia Foundation is a non-profit international development organization committed to improving lives in Asia. Violence and conflict present major challenges to society and can significantly hinder growth and development in the region.


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