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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – One of the features that Apple has developed to find lost devices like iPhone is an app called “Find My”. However, the problem with this app is that it doesn’t work when the device is turned off.

For those who have malicious intent to take your smartphone, usually they will turn off the device.

However, at WWDC 2021, Apple announced a change to the Find My feature coming to iOS 15, which will allow it to work even when the device has been turned off or has been wiped.

Apparently the way it works is whenever you turn off your iOS 15 device, it doesn’t actually shut down.

Instead, it enters a low power state and will act as an AirTag, meaning that it will continuously broadcast its Bluetooth signal so that whenever another device is nearby, it will be able to pick up on the signal and transmit its location.

For those who are uncomfortable with their phone not being completely turned off, don’t worry because you can disable it.

Users who don’t want to take advantage of this low power state can change their settings and disable low power mode completely, but this also means that if your phone is stolen or lost and turned off, you may have a harder time trying to find it.


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