Following Udil, ONIC Rasy Soon in Alter Ego Uniform for MPL Season 8?

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ONIC Rasy. (instagram / rasyaargaa)

COTEKNO.COM – Ahead of MPL Season 8, a number of rumors regarding the transfer list began to surface. Most recently, the ONIC tanker, Rasy, was said to be wearing the Alter Ego uniform after he was seen visiting the Udil CS team.

After the last MPL Season 7, each Mobile Legends team slowly made changes in the roster composition. Previously, Genflix Aerowolf has released two of its flagship junglers who are still unknown which team will be anchored to.

Recently, there was news about Rasy from ONIC who will join Alter Ego. Not without reason, rumors about this were circulating when Rasy was found visiting the gaming house Alter Ego.

This photo of Rasy while at the Alter Ego gaming house was then uploaded by Emak Moba on Instagram via the @emak_moba account on Wednesday (9/6/2021).

who is nich” wrote the caption for the Alter Ego Instagram account upload on the figure of a player whose face was covered by an Instagram sticker.

ONIC Udil and ONIC Drian. (instagram/udilsurbakti)

Previously, Rasy was mentioned as one of the ONIC players who might leave the yellow hedgehog team this season.

A number of previous rumors stated that Rasy might move to Geek Fam. The reason is, this one player was caught several times with Geek Fam players.

Regarding the rumors of Rasy joining Alter Ego, this is related to the title of the live streaming Udil who wrote Rasy’s name with the name of the Alter Ego team.

Alter Ego Rasy guys” Udil wrote.

Until now, it is not known for certain about the truth of Rasy joining Alter Ego. The reason is, until now, ONIC and Alter Ego still have not provided an official statement.


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