GoFood and TikTok Support Forms for Culinary MSME Growth

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#MajuBarengTiktok & GoFood. (Gojek)

COTEKNO.COM – Marketers through digital platforms are increasingly influencing product sales and business growth in small and medium industries or MSMEs. Especially for business people in the culinary sector.

Collaborating with TikTok, the leading short video distribution platform, GoFood provides business actors with tips for successfully marketing culinary products through social media.

This education was initiated by TikTok with the mission of #MajuBarengTikTok which is also in line with the spirit of #MelajuBersamaGojek. This program is followed for free by MSME actors in Indonesia and will be held online on June 3-29, 2021.

This activity is supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkop UKM RI), the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenperin RI), GoFood, and a number of other companies.

In this digital era, the use of social media is considered by business actors as one of the most effective promotional tools. For example, 62.4% of business actors rely on online channels to sell their products, of which 34.3% use social media and online delivery services as marketing tools.

Bayu Ramadhan, VP Merchant Marketing Gojek. (Gojek)

This preference of business partners is in line with the shift in people’s habits which increasingly rely on social media platforms to make choices, where 65.1% of people use social media as the main source of searching for brand or brand information before shopping.

The use of social media is increasingly common among MSMEs, but there are some basic things that are still missing from the attention of business actors when using social media to develop their business.

In his presentation of the material, Gojek Indonesia’s VP of Merchant Marketing, Bayu Ramadhan shared three basic things that businesses need to pay attention to when promoting in the digital realm, including:

  1. The first three seconds determine the success of the ad: important product-related information must be conveyed at the beginning. These three seconds will greatly determine the customer’s decision.
  2. Packaging daily activities into interesting content: daily activities in a restaurant can be part of the content ideas that are shared to further introduce the culinary business, such as during the process of cooking and serving food.
  3. Content that is simple, factual, and on target: make sure the ad content is simple and easy to digest, for example the photos used must match the promos offered.

#MajuBarengTiktok & GoFood. (Gojek)
#MajuBarengTiktok & GoFood. (Gojek)

This collaboration with TikTok is part of GoFood’s consistent efforts to support culinary SMEs through technological and non-technological innovations. Bayu said, “We are very enthusiastic about collaborating with a platform with a similar mission so that our support in the form of education can benefit more culinary SMEs in Indonesia, by presenting a more complete and diverse educational theme. In the future, GoFood will always be open to collaboration and synergy with various parties, including the Government, technology platforms, and organizations, which are committed to moving together to support MSMEs in Indonesia moving forward with go-digital..”

In line with Gojek, the Head of SMB TikTok Indonesia, Pandu Nitiseputro also revealed the support of the TikTok platform for the growth of MSMEs. “As a short video distribution platform, we have provided various features and tools that can be utilized by various types of MSME categories, including culinary, to grow their business. We believe that skills in using technology must also be balanced with education. GoFood’s experience in developing this industrial sector makes us more optimistic that we can provide positive benefits for more business actors in Indonesia through the #MajuBarengTikTok program..”

In addition to educational sessions related to Digital Marketing with GoFood, the online class #MajuBarengTiktok will present other interesting materials, including Creative Content Creation to Introduction to TikTok Ads.


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