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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – Google appears to be making it harder for Android apps to track users who opt out of their Advertising ID. Advertisers use the Advertising ID tool to track users as they switch from one app to another.

While Google allows Android users to restrict ad tracking and even reset their Advertising ID, developers can still easily find a way around the current restrictions with the help of alternative device identifiers.

After Google implements its new policy later this year, developers will only receive “zero, no longer ID.”

The Financial Times reports Google announced the policy change in an email it sent to Play Store developers earlier this week. The search giant told developers it aims to “give users more control over their data, and help improve security and privacy” with new safeguards.

Google also updated the Play Console Help page for Advertising ID with more details on Play services updates.

The phased rollout will affect apps running on Android 12 devices starting in late 2021. Google plans to expand the changes to apps running on the best Android phones with Google Play support in early 2022.

Any app that uses a persistent ID other than Advertising ID will receive a policy violation warning. However, for use cases such as analytics and fraud prevention, Google will provide developers with alternative solutions sometime in July.

This announcement comes more than a month after Apple introduced “App Tracking Transparency” with its iOS 14.5 update. The changes require developers to seek permission from users to track them across various apps and websites.

If the user refuses permission, the app can no longer track him using his data.


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