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Nowadays, having video editing skills is a natural thing for some people. Moreover, this is a time where video content has an important value. Both in the form of works to advertisements for certain products.

Not only that, the emergence of various good video editing applications is also another factor. Make most mobile phone users familiar and able to edit their own videos. Also, there are also many applications that are designed with a view for beginners.

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That is, it can be used by those of you who are still learning, amateurs, and even professionals!

On the other hand, video editing application developers are also increasing. We can find a variety of choices through the Play Store or App Store application stores. Of course with advantages and disadvantages of each.

Great video editing app (TomsGuide)
Great video editing app (TomsGuide)

Great Video Editing Application

You are one of the Android or iPhone HP users who are studying video editing? If so, you can download and install one of the video editing applications below. Team COTEKNO has collected from various sources and made user testimonials to collect the best.

Want to know anything? Just check it out, okay?


Now, editing videos for Instagram will be easier. You can download and use the service from the Magisto app. You can use Vimeo’s application to make cool videos – complete with modern features and filters.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Magisto will help you to organize your saved clips into a cool video piece. Moreover, this application service can be used for free!

Luckily, the developer launched the Magisto app in several versions. Namely the version of the Android application, iOS, to the form of website tools which you can use online!

But, it’s better if you use the application version, bro. Because you can edit videos anywhere and anytime!

photo and video editing app (Amazonaws)
photo and video editing app (Amazonaws)


The second free video editing application is Hyperlapse. You can download this application for free. Unfortunately, the Hyperlapse application is only available for iPhones.

This application is developed by Instagram itself. And as an application developed directly by the company, of course Hyperlapse is able to produce optimal video content for the social media platform.

As we can deduce from the name, we can make videos hyperlapse use this app. There are various choices hyperlapse which is available. Ranging from video at 6x speed, up to 12x. Besides that, you can directly save videos taken by cellphone cameras and then upload them to IG!


Talking about service video editing, it would be lacking if it didn’t include InShot. Moreover, the applications available for both Android and iPhone phones have been recognized by many users.

As you can expect from a video editing application, InShot is equipped with various features for editing videos. Starting from trim, speed up videos, to add music or filters.

Maybe, there are some readers who think it’s too standard. In fact, the advantage of the InShot application compared to other similar applications is that it is easy to use. Yes, this application can be the best choice if you are a beginner or still learning video editing from HP.

[Bonus] Leave Video Editing To The Professionals Through FastWork

Freelance video editing at Fastwork (Fastwork)
Freelance video editing at Fastwork (Fastwork)

Feel like you don’t have time but asked to edit a video by your boss? Or, are you still lacking in your abilities and want to leave video content to the experts?

So, why don’t you just leave it to freelance workers? Moreover, now there are many professionals video editing which offers its services through freelance work websites.

One of the best and most trusted is the website. This website offers a variety of services carried out by professional freelancers. Starting from writing or translation work, marketing or marketing, web and programming, consulting services, lifestyle, to graphic, visual, and audio design.

No need to worry about meeting freelance workers who intend to cheat or take your project away. You see, the company has guaranteed that the money you send to find workers will function optimally.

You can also find freelance workers directly with service prices that are quite diverse. For video editing services, based on team search COTEKNO, workers at Fastwork offer their services starting from Rp. 20 thousand!

And how to find freelance workers on this platform is fairly easy. Just fill in the Job Details column, job reference link, price offered and deadline of the job. Don’t forget to include a contact person who can be contacted. So that the company can contact you when something happens.

Want to immediately try the abilities of the professionals owned by Fastwork? For video editing, you can directly visit it via the link Check it out, geez!


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