Happens Again, Space Trash Hits ISS

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Ilustrasi. (pixabay/Free Photos)

COTEKNO.COM – Space debris seems to need to be dealt with seriously. After hitting Earth some time ago, space debris was reported to have hit the International Space Station or ISS.

In general, this waste is the remnants of rockets and satellites that were launched. Can’t be handled like on Earth, this garbage actually circles the Earth at high speed and has the potential to crash into human habitation.

After briefly hitting Earth, now space debris is reported to have hit one of the ISS wings and damaged the Canadarm2 robotic arm which is part of the ISS.

Reporting from CNN, this is strongly suspected because of small fragments of space debris. The Canadian Space Agency said that this damage was enough to interfere with the performance of the Canadarm2 robotic arm.

The Canadian Space Agency is concerned that this minor, undetected damage could endanger the lives of the ISS crew while on duty at the location.

Space Station Illustration (Pixabay)

NASA itself says that a lot of space debris objects appear around the ISS every day. Monitoring for 24 hours in 7 days continues to ensure that the space debris does not hit the ISS.

NASA admitted that this small space debris object is difficult to find and detect. This is then very dangerous if it passes from monitoring.

Space debris is known to appear when satellites hit other satellites. In addition, rockets that launch satellites also leave trash in space.

It is not known with certainty how to handle this space debris. However, until now the row of garbage is still under serious monitoring.


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