HDD can be even faster with new NVMe protocol

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In a recent update, the NVMe 2.0 protocol can make 7200 RPM HDD data transfer much faster when using SATA 3.

Researchers have just announced a new protocol for storage systems. They have just announced the presence of NVM Express 2.0 (NVMe 2.0) which has a higher performance.

However, it will not only increase the speed of SSD storage. This technology is claimed to be able to make Hard Disk Drive (HDD) users bring out their best abilities.

This will allow HDDs to provide almost the same performance as SSDs using this protocol. One of them is the Seagate Mach.2 which is an HDD with SSD data transfer speeds.

Tom’s Hardware (6/6) reports, the speed of Seagate Mach.2 can penetrate 524MB/s. This is a speed that previously could only be achieved by SSDs.

The advantage of HDD is that it has a very large capacity when compared to SSD. So, in the future we will be able to see HDDs with capacities above 20TB with SSD-like speeds.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when this protocol will be launched. It is not yet known when HDD manufacturers will start using this protocol in their storage solutions.


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