How to Duet on TikTok Easily, Without Additional Applications

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Illustrated by TikTok. (Unsplash / helloimnik)

COTEKNO.COM – Want to know how to easily duet on TikTok? You can combine other people’s videos or TikTok from your friends and then duet with you, follow the easiest way below.

The TikTok application has indeed become a popular application whose number of users continues to increase, even though at the beginning its presence was widely criticized.

Social media sharing short videos is indeed exciting, especially those who like to dance or create short video content.

Even today, many users create TikTok accounts to increase income by means of various referrals or as a medium for business promotion and personal branding.

When you enter the TikTok application, you will find an interface that is made for portrait / vertical video display, so each navigation menu is also made for cellphone screen display.

Illustrated by TikTok. (Pixabay / Cantonese)

Various kinds of content are created by TikTok users and what is currently popular is the duet model on TikTok where you can enter other people’s TikTok on the same screen with you.

But unfortunately not everyone knows how to duet on TikTok, so if you want to know, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you already have the TikTok application, if not, please download it first on the Google Play Store, after successfully downloading it, install it immediately until it’s finished then open the account list and open the application
  2. For how to duet we first find the video that you want to combine with your video video
  3. You can search for it on the homepage and select the video
  4. Then select the menu to the right of the share button
  5. Many menus will appear in it select the “Duet” menu
  6. But you can’t invite all videos to duet, if the duet menu can’t be clicked, it means the video is not allowed by the owner
  7. After finding a video that you can duet with on TikTok, click on the duet navigation (two-headed emotion)
  8. Then the application will automatically process the video, wait until the video process is complete
  9. If it’s finished then you will be taken to a screen that has been divided in two
  10. But if you want to change the layout, please click the menu in the right corner of “Layout”
  11. You can choose green screen layout, reaction and top down. If the layout has been selected, then you record your video video
  12. Press the record button and hold
  13. If you think your recorded video is enough, press the tick (finished)
  14. You can add text, effects or stickers. If you think just press the NEXT button
  15. Then add the appropriate caption and hashtag
  16. In the caption, the hashtag #duet with automatically appears (the TikTok account you are inviting a duet with)
  17. If everything is enough, you can upload it for publication

So that was the easy way to duet on TikTok, very easy, wasn’t it?

Now you can invite a duet of friends or other people, create more interesting and useful content, I hope this guide is useful for you and makes you more productive.

That’s the easy way to duet on TikTok, be more productive and creative in short videos. (COTEKNO.COM contributor: Jeffry francisco).


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