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COTEKNO.COM – The way it looks offline or how to hide online status from others on Telegram is done through settings or Settings. Good for Android and iOS or iPhone users.

Via menu Settings Here you can manage various things, ranging from how to change Telegram numbers, how to disable Telegram voice and video calls, to overcoming Telegram notifications that don’t appear.

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The way to look offline on Telegram is done by activating the hidden last seen feature. Similar to the feature of how to be visible on WhatsApp. Here’s how to do it.

How to Hide Online Status on Telegram

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Here are the steps on how to hide online status so that it appears offline on Telegram, for both Android and iOS users:

  • Open the application Telegram
  • Click button menu (three lines icon) in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Next select menu Settings
How to appear offline on Telegram

Select the Privacy and Security option

  • Then choose an option Privacy and Security

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Select the Last Seen & Online option, then select OK

  • Then select the option Last Seen & Online
  • Usually this option is still written in the description Everybody
How to Hide Online Status on Telegram

Turn Everybody into Nobody

  • So, so that your Telegram account looks offline even though it is online, you only need to change the options Everybody (everyone) to Nobody (Nothing).
  • Then click check mark in the top right corner to save changes.
  • Then just click OK
  • Comfortable.
How to activate the hidden last seen feature on Telegram

As for how to hide online status on Telegram with the steps above, it can not only be practiced on smartphone devices, but also on a laptop or computer/PC via Telegram Web.

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So How Do People Know You’re Still Using Telegram?

By changing the Privacy and Security settings options on Last Seen & Online from Everybody to Nobody, it doesn’t necessarily remove the last usage status on your Telegram account.

Others will still know that you are still using Telegram.

How do they find out? Now, the usage status on your Telegram will be changed to ‘estimated views’. Here’s the statement:

Seen lately

Information on the ‘last seen’ status of this Telegram appears when you open the telegram between 1 second to 2-3 days ago.

That is, if you open Telegram (for example) 1 second ago, what appears is not “Last seen 1 second ago” but “Seen recently”.

Seen a week ago

This “Seen a week ago” status information will appear when you open the Telegram application more than 3 to 7 days ago.

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Seen a month ago

The status “Seen a month ago” on this Telegram will appear when you last opened the Telegram between more than 7 days to a month ago.

It didn’t look very long

Meanwhile, for Telegram status with the description “Doesn’t look very long” if you don’t open or login to Telegram it’s been more than a month to about 6 months.

Remember, if you haven’t opened your Telegram account for more than 6 months, your Telegram account will be automatically deleted.

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The final word

As additional information, by making your Telegram account visible offline from everyone, then you will also not see when someone was last seen.

Other people will actually see your Telegram online status, in an instant you send messages to others.

This is related information how to make Telegram look offline, both for Android and iOS or iPhone cellphone users. Hope it helps and good luck!


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