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Telegram application tips this time about how to not be invited to a Telegram group certain, in this case preventing invites in Telegram groups from being automatically entered as members of that group.

Usually, someone invites you to join the Telegram group, so you immediately become a member of the Telegram group.

However, you know what? It turns out that there is a way to limit Telegram to invites or invite Telegram groups from whoever or your Telegram contact list.

How To Be Uninvited and Join Telegram Groups Automatically

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To get massive Telegram members in one invite, group admins usually use the method of adding Telegram group members automatically, through the user’s cellphone number / contact on their device.

Well, if you want to refuse ‘for a while’ the invitation to the Telegram group, so that you have time to judge whether the group is worthy for you to join or not, then do the following tips and tricks:

  • Make sure you have login using the cellphone number registered on Telegram
  • The first step, please open the Telegram application
  • Then click menu three lines icon in the top right corner of the app

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Select the Settings menu, then Privacy and Security

  • Next, please select the menu Settings
  • Then select the option Privacy and Security
How to Automatically Prevent Telegram Group Invitations

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Select the Groups option, then change to My Contacts

  • Then select the option Groups
  • Well, on the option ‘Who can add me to group chats?‘ Please select My Contacts
  • That way, only contacts synced with your Telegram account can add you to the group
How To Be Uninvited and Join Telegram Groups Automatically

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Under Add exceptions, select Never Allow

  • Next, on the option ‘Add exceptions‘ please select an option Never Allow
  • Then select anyone/contact you don’t allow to add you to the Telegram group
  • When you have finished selecting, click tick icon in the lower right corner
  • Then click tick icon again in the upper right corner to save.
how to automatically decline a Telegram group invite

On Add exceptions there is no ‘select all’ feature, so you need to add one by one the contacts you want to exclude.

Well, now your Telegram account will no longer be invited to the Telegram group by random people. Except by the user you did allow to add you to the Telegram group.

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The final word

It’s easy to set down group invitations in the Telegram chat application. It’s even safer, if you hide your cellphone number on Telegram, so that people who happen to find your cellphone number, won’t find you in Telegram searches.

Here is the related information how to automatically decline a Telegram group invite to prevent directly entering or becoming a member of a Telegram group. Hope this helps and good luck!

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