How to Play 1 vs 1 in Mobile Legend, Here’s Tips to Win

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1 vs 1 is one of the battle modes in smartphone video games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Usually this mode is used to practice playing a new hero. Not only that, this part of the custom mode in Mobile Legend is also often used as a place for a duel between two players. Well, if you want to fight someone in this mode, try to apply the following 1 vs 1 Mobile Legend method.

Collecting new players is easy. But, keeping players loyal and enduring over the years is something difficult. And that is what Moonton has managed to achieve through the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Many things have been done by Moonton to keep his loyal players. Starting from organizing events every month, local to international competitions, launching new heroes, to adding game modes.

And for the last one, there are now various game modes available. Which promises every player away from boredom. One of them is the custom mode – where you can fight the computer or other players in 1 vs 1 mode.

What is By One Mobile Legend 1 vs 1?

There are enough players who rely on the game mode in this Mobile Legends game. Usually, 1 vs 1 mode is used to pit which skill is the best between two players.

In 1 vs 1 mode, two players can fight using a hero freely. Different from Classic and Ranked Mode, where you are with a team of five players against another team, in Custom 1 vs 1 Mode you play against only one person.

Knowing the gameplay of this game mode, it’s not natural that in the end many Mobile Legends players make it a vessel for competing skills and abilities. You are one of them?

Do you often get a challenge to play 1 by one? No need to panic. The author has prepared how to play 1 vs 1 Mobile Legends that you can follow. Just scroll again, OK.

Tips By One Mobile Legend

If you read here, of course you are curious about how to play 1 vs 1 in the Mobile Legend game? Just calm down, okay. The COTEKNO team has collected explanations from various sources regarding tips by one Mobile Legend.

The following is the description.

How to Enter By One Mobile Legend

Don’t let you have accepted challenges from other players for by one, but don’t even know how to enter this mode. Therefore, before explaining the tips for playing 1 vs 1 to win, here are the steps to enter the Custom 1 vs 1 Mode page. Check it out, bray.

  1. Open the game application Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your cellphone
  2. Then, click the Game Mode menu
  3. After that you will see icons of several available Mobile Legends game modes. Examples include Classic, Rank, Arcade, Brawl, VS AI, and Custom. Select Custom Mode.
  4. Next, click on game gameplay. There are Classic, Brawl, Draft Pick, or Practice. According to the author’s trial, for by one, it is more comfortable to use Classic or Brawl mode.

How to Add Friends in 1 vs 1 Mode

Once you have prepared the room or room for by one, now is the time to invite friends or other players who will be used as opponents. For more details, follow the steps below, yes.

  1. Once you have entered the Custom Mode page, click the ‘+’ button located in the list of friends on the right.
  2. Wait a few moments for the player you want to fight to accept your invitation
  3. Once the player enters the room, you can tap the Start Game button to start the battle.

How to win 1 vs 1 Mobile Legend

Until now, 1 vs 1 mode is often used as a way to pit skills and abilities between players. Especially if you find a toxic player who interfered with the course of the battle in the previous game, you can be invited to one by one through this mode.

Luckily, there are already several ways to win 1 vs 1 Mobile Legend that you can follow. This method is taken from the original Custom Mode match history data in Season 14. And if you pay attention to these tips, the chances of winning the match can be greater.

First, use heroes who have superior abilities and skills for 1 vs 1 matches. For example, Hayabusa, Karrie, Guinever, Harley, and Thamuz. Choose one of the five heroes based on the hero your opponent is using.

Each hero is recognized to have advantages when used for by one. For example, like Guinevere, a hero with a role mage-fighter this has quite complete capabilities. Good damage nor run from the battlefield, Guinever has it.

Meanwhile, Harley is also capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. Moreover, skill teleport from the hero role mage this makes it easier for him to strategize hit and run. Hence, it is very profitable to fight fighter, assassin, and marksman heroes.

Well, after the explanation about how to play 1 vs 1 in Mobile Legends this time. Hopefully the description above can help you to always win matches by one in this Android MOBA game.

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