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COTEKNO.COM – When the WhatsApp list appears the words “Your phone number +62 xxxxxxxxxx is blocked from using WhatsApp. Contact support for assistance.It can be ascertained that your phone number is permanently blocked from registering a WA account.

Meanwhile, if your cellphone number is only temporarily blocked, it will be marked with the words “Temporarily blocked” as soon as you enter the number to register or log back into WhatsApp.

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Blocking can occur suddenly without notification if it is found (by the system) that the WhatsApp account has committed a violation.

However, this unilateral blocking by WhatsApp is not without reason. The causes of blocking a phone number from using WhatsApp itself can vary. Check out the following review.

Causes of Blocked Phone Numbers for Using WhatsApp

No smoke when there is no fire. There are reasons there are consequences. That’s the right expression for the problem that arises as a result of why new numbers are blocked for using WhatsApp.

Your phone number is blocked from using WhatsApp because it is indicated that it violates the WhatsApp terms of service.

Here are some things that cause your phone number to be “temporarily blocked” or permanently by WhatsApp.

Reported or blocked by many people

WhatsApp phone numbers were reported and blocked by other WA users on a massive scale, which could be the cause of blocked phone numbers from using WhatsApp.

Usually the blocking type is “Temporarily blocked”. Although it is possible that it will continue or get blocked permanently.

Performing suspicious actions, such as sending excessively broadcast messages to multiple contacts

If you often rely on broadcast messages to send messages to many contacts at once, you should start to be more careful.

Especially when sending broadcast messages via WhatsApp Web, as an attempt or trick to send messages to phone numbers that are not listed in the contact.

The reason is, suspicious activity like that implies your number will be detected as spam, and does not rule out the possibility that it will be immediately blocked or reported by the person you sent the WA broadcast message to.

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Sending content that violates the law or the types of content that WhatsApp allows

All chat or messaging applications almost certainly do not allow their services to be used for illegal or illegal activities.

Among the reasons why a phone number is blocked using WhatsApp again (permanently blocked) is usually an indication of a serious violation.

Such as terrorizing, committing fraud, selling illegal products, applying intimidation, sending messages containing hate speech and propaganda, spreading hoaxes, pornography, sending web links indicated by phishing and other types of negative content that WhatsApp does not allow.

Using third-party (unofficial) apps for more features

The phone number is blocked by WhatsApp because it uses an unofficial WA application (the WhatsApp mod application). Kinds of GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, OGWhatsApp, Cocoo WhatsApp, or Fouad WhatsApp and other WhatsApp mod apk applications.

Regarding this, it is clearly written in the WhatsApp Help Center statement regarding temporarily blocked accounts.

“Unsupported apps, like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are modified versions of WhatsApp. This unofficial application is developed by a third party and violates our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not support these third-party applications because we were unable to validate their security practices.”

The phone number has been “Temporarily blocked” repeatedly

Another reason why phone numbers are blocked from using WhatsApp or WhatsApp numbers are permanently blocked because these phone numbers often commit violations and are temporarily blocked many times.

As compensation for being caught using illegal applications to get more features, you will usually get a temporary blocking prize.

Temporary blocking is only valid for 24 hours overnight. After that, the WhatsApp account can be accessed normally again.

However, if you are so stupid and similar violations continue to be repeated, then be prepared to get a permanent WhatsApp block.

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How to Solve Your Phone Number is Blocked from Using WhatsApp

So, regarding the question why phone numbers are blocked from using WhatsApp? It has been answered in the description above.

Now, how to solve “your phone number is blocked from using WhatsApp” in this case, bypassing blocking WhatsApp permanently.

To reactivate a permanently blocked WhatsApp account, you need to apply for reactivation or remove the banned WA account. Here are the steps:

Open the WhatsApp application, take a screenshot of the message

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Then log in using the number from the permanently blocked WA account
  • Take a screenshot of the message sent by WhatsApp for further action.

Click on Support, then Contact Us

  • Please click on the text ENDORSEMENT
  • Then choose Contact support for help
  • Next you will enter the page Help or Help
  • Choose the option Call us or Contact us
How to Reactivate Permanently Blocked WhatsApp

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Explaining the problem of blocking WA numbers

  • On the column Describe your problem, please fill in an explanation regarding the problem of blocking WhatsApp phone numbers.
  • You also need to include the reason why you took the action that resulted in the phone number being blocked from WhatsApp.
  • Upload the screenshot message as an attachment.
  • When done, click the button CONTINUE or NEXT.
your phone number is blocked to use whatsapp

After this step, users only need to wait for a reply message from WhatsApp. Please continue to monitor the cellphone number associated with the WA account.

If you haven’t received a reply for too long, do the following.

Go to the FAQ or Help Center page

  • Please enter the page FAQ or Help Center
  • Then choose an option DO NOT ANSWER MY QUESTIONS
  • Then, send a similar message to the email address (help center) shown.

Applications to open a blocked WhatsApp account will immediately be reviewed by WhatsApp. This review will take a little longer, depending on the queue of reports submitted by other users.

Is there any hope that phone numbers blocked using WhatsApp can be reused? Of course there are, aka not false hopes.

However, there is no need to get your hopes up. WhatsApp also can not be fooled just like that. If you are still lucky, your number can be used to register your WhatsApp account again.

If the evaluation results state that your WA account is still permanently blocked, then that is the fate. Take it easy. You can still use WhatsApp with other mobile numbers.

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The final word

Generally, blocking WhatsApp temporarily you don’t need to do anything until a certain time limit. Usually 24 hours are effective after your WhatsApp account is declared to have been temporarily blocked.

After the blocking time limit expires, the temporarily blocked WhatsApp account can be opened again as usual.

However, if the WA account is permanently blocked, more action and effort is required. Alias ​​cannot be ignored.

This is related information why the phone number is blocked from using WhatsApp or how to reactivate permanently blocked WhatsApp. Hopefully the description above can help and answer that curiosity.

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