How to Use Half Filter on Tiktok, Become Glowing in a Short Time

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Illustrated by TikTok. (Pixabay / Cantonese)

COTEKNO.COM – TikTok is one of the most popular video distribution applications in recent times. It has various features that make it easier for users, one of which is how to use half filters on Tiktok which is currently a trend.

Not only teenagers, many parents also use the application. For example, the account of fathers dancing in front of the camera which had gone viral some time ago.

In fact, he was even invited to be a guest star on several private television stations in Indonesia, you know.

Their goals as TikTok users also vary. Starting from a means of releasing fatigue to making money as a TikTok celebrity.

Illustrated by TikTok. (Unsplash / helloimnik)

Similar to Instagram, TikTok also has a variety of features that are worth trying for its users. One of them is filters.

With this technology, you can polish your body or face in such a way that it looks good and attractive in front of the camera.

These days, the half filter has become a booming filter on TikTok. How not, by using this filter, you can see your face in two different versions.

One side shows your face naturally while the other side displays your face with polish and looks attractive.

This time COTEKNO.COM have summarized an easy way to use half filters on TikTok.

1. First open the TikTok app on your phone then Login

2. Then click the “+” sign to create a new video

3. Then click “Effect” at the bottom left to select the effect to be used.

4. Select the “Half Filter” effect marked with a half-face image.
5. Next press the capture button to start recording video

6. When finished recording then press the check button, then add text and add music as desired.

At this point, your cellphone screen will display your face in two versions. On the left the natural version and on the right the filter version.

If you do the steps correctly then your chance of success is 99 percent. How, isn’t it easy to use half filters on TikTok? Good luck! (COTEKNO.COM/Lestari nan Damai Contributor)


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