Huawei forms new company for electric car R&D

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Huawei will work to prepare research and development of new technology systems, energy recovery systems, and even new energy facilities.

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Huawei recently founded Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co Ltd. The company will have a business scope that includes research and development of technology related to electric vehicles and related facilities.

Through the subsidiary, one of the Chinese companies will work to prepare research and development of systems for new technologies, energy recovery systems, development of dual electromechanical systems, even new energy facilities for the sale of electric vehicles among other operations, the report said. ITHome.

In particular, the company is fully controlled by Huawei Technologies and has a registered model of 3 billion yuan (Rp 6.7 trillion). Reported from Gizmochina (7/6), Huawei has founded the company to focus on achieving carbon footprint neutrality.

For information, various large technology-based companies have been working to reduce carbon emissions for environmental reasons. The world has become more sensitive to the impact of the carbon footprint of companies. In addition, Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co Ltd is also another step towards Huawei’s plans to expand in the car market.

Huawei has shown interest in smart electric vehicles, even launching various hardware and software for other car manufacturers. Now Huawei seems to be developing facilities related to electric vehicles and even building research and development to offer new technology in the market.


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