In RRQ Uniform, Windah Basudara Officially Becomes Brand Ambassador

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Windah Basudara joins RRQ. (youtube/Team RRQ)

COTEKNO.COM – After quite a few rumors circulating, finally the gaming YouTuber, Windah Basudara, is officially in the RRQ uniform. Not as a player, this YouTuber apparently lined up to be the brand ambassador of the king’s team.

The announcement regarding Windah Basudara who became RRQ’s brand ambassador was revealed by the team through their official Instagram account @teamrrq on Tuesday (8/6/2021).

Hi Guys! RRQ has a new brand ambassador now. Let’s welcome Brando Franco Windah or what we know as Windah Basudara into the big family of RRQ” wrote the caption uploaded by the RRQ team on Instagram.

Windah Basudara or Brando Franco Windah is known as one of the YouTubers with unique video games on YouTube. This figure is so famous for his theories in doing gacha.

Before finally officially wearing the RRQ uniform, Windah Basudara had time to slip up and mentioned that he was in the plan to meet with RRQ CEO, Adrian Pauline.

Windah Basudara joins RRQ. (youtube/Team RRQ)

Tomorrow I want to meet Mr. AP, uh, I mean guys, what’s the name, I want to meet my friend. His nickname is AP guys, he’s my elementary school friend, Aliong Permana his name is” explained Windah Basudara hastily confirming his previous words.

In the video uploaded by RRQ about the arrival of Windah Basudara, it is seen that Pak AP is looking at a row of RRQ talent and pro player profiles. Doing gacha, Mr. AP then managed to get a special card which is a photo of Windah Basudara.

Windah Basudara’s introductory video then continues with the YouTuber figure who is now wearing an RRQ uniform and carrying the name RRQ Windah Basudara.

After being uploaded on Tuesday (8/6/2021), the video of Windah Basudara, who has officially become RRQ’s brand ambassador, has been viewed 1.3 million times and ranks 7th in the YouTube Trending column.


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