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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – On March 19, 2021, Telkom in this case through the Indonesia Telecommunication and Digital Research Institute (ITDRI) signed a virtual memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Huawei ASEAN (Indonesia) to commit to empowering digital talents.

In his opening speech, Chief of Technology Officer TelkomGroup Herlan Wijanarko said that 5G as a technology leap will be a game changer that has an impact on the health and sustainability of the telco industry in Indonesia in the coming year.

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“TelkomGroup, especially Telkomsel, became the first mover in implementing 5G technology with the aim of not only being a technology leader but also being able to keep “keep in pace” with the development of the 5G ecosystem,” said Herlan.

Herlan hopes that ITDRI’s collaboration with Huawei can generate new innovations and talents, especially new technology such as 5G, AI, Big Data, IoT, and Cloud, which also supports ITDRI’s 3 pillars as a research institute, digital academy, telecommunication & digital capability center.

Previously, SGM Telkom CorpU and Chairman of ITDRI, Jemy V. Confido reported that this training program is one of a series of ITDRI-Huawei collaboration programs.

“This digital competency development program in our work contributes to Indonesia in talent development. In addition, we will of course strengthen in the fields of innovation and research, both with national partners and with global partners, such as the one we are holding today,” said Jemy.

On the same occasion, Dean of Huawei ASEAN Academy Indonesia Lai Chaosen said that he would focus on developing talent for new technologies such as 5G, AI, Big Data, Cloud, and IoT to increase ICT talent in Indonesia in today’s digital transformation of society.

“Through this program, we hope to achieve a series of joint research and innovation collaborations with Telkom and the Government of Indonesia to promote digital transformation and commercial success for both parties in the near future,” he explained.

According to him, this is a good time to discuss the 5G business model, development trends, key technologies, and share global cases here. Lai also hopes that Telkom – ITDRI can gain a lot and have greater confidence in the development of 5G networks and commercial applications in the future.

With the attendance of 44 participants who are TelkomGroup Senior Leaders, this training was carried out virtually using the Virtual Learning Interactive Class (VLIC) platform. Participants will receive 3 learning modules presented by Jimmy Tan, including those related to 5G Industry Progress, 5G Use Case and Business Application, and 5G Intelligent Operation Maintenance.


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