Leaking Charger Image, Infinix Prepares HP with 160 W Fast Charging?

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Logo Infinix. (Facebook/ Infinix Mobile)

COTEKNO.COM – Infinix is ​​known to be quite aggressive in launching new cellphones in the entry-level and mid-range classes. A recent leak claims that Infinix is ​​preparing a cellphone with a 160 W fast charging feature.

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If the news is true, this indicates that the company is preparing a surprise in the flagship HP class. The first leak from XDA Developer revealed an image of a charger that reads Infinix.

There is a mysterious cellphone and also a charger head with a dominant color of white wrapped in green on the side. We can see the caption reads “160 W Infinix Ultra Flash Charge“.

This is still just a leak so we need to wait for official confirmation from the company. So far we still don’t know about the Infinix flagship HP teaser.

It could be that it begins with a prototype or prototype, then proceeds with a commercial launch.

A leak that claims Infinix is ​​preparing a cellphone with 160 W fast charging. (XDA Developer)

Reported from XDA Developer, leaks related to the new HP Infinix are still not clearly revealed. It is unlikely that the charger can be used for larger, power-hungry devices including tablets or laptops.

Infinix has recently sold Windows laptops to several countries. Even so, laptops without special graphics cards do not require 160 W charging. Manufacturers are indeed competing for fast charging capabilities embedded in premium mid-range to flagship HP.

If you remember, Xiaomi introduced the Mi 10 Ultra in August with 120 W fast charging capability. The technology named as Mi Turbo Charge 120 W is claimed to be able to charge a 4,500 mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

Infinix Note 10. (Infinix)
Illustration of the new HP Infinix Note 10. (Infinix)

Even Xiaomi recently showed off its 200W fast charging capability. On the Xiaomi YouTube channel, they tested the HyperCharge capability for phones with 4,000 mAh batteries.

This cellphone appears in a dead state with zero percent battery status. As per the video display, the charger is able to charge the battery up to 50 percent in just 3 minutes. Even a full charge is claimed to only take 8 minutes.

Not to be missed, Oppo and Realme are expected to commercially release and introduce technology with 125 W fast charging this year. If the leak regarding 160 W fast charging proves to be true, then Infinix can enliven super-fast charging technology in the flagship class.


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