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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – Smartphone brands Infinix and Xiaomi have recently been in the spotlight. The reason is, the two smartphone companies a few days ago clashed after both of them teased each other on their respective social media.

The feud began when Poco Indonesia uploaded a post on its official Instagram page comparing the advantages of the Poco M3 with other competitor’s “Entry-Level” phones that were labeled “Hot 10s”, which could be referring to the Infinix Hot 10s.

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Not staying silent, the next few days, the Infinix Indonesia account replied to the innuendo by uploading a similar post. Like the upload on Poco Indonesia’s Instagram, Infinix posted a poster in which there was an image of a Hot 10s smartphone which was juxtaposed with an image of a mobile phone frame along with the sentence “Says Champion”, and the faint writing “9T” was seen on the background of the entire poster.

Judging from the poster, there is a strong possibility that the phone Infinix is ​​referring to is the Xiaomi Redmi 9T. Then thanks to a comment from one of the netizens, the Infinix hot satire finally reached the ears of the Xiaomi boss, Alvin Tse.

Alvin looked hot and said that the post was “very bad and misleading”. Alvin also said that his party had the right to take this matter to the ministry because of Infinix’s advertisements which were deemed misleading.

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Rows of “Sindir War” Between Smartphone Brands

Judging from the feud of Infinix and Xiaomi above, in fact problems like this often occur between several smartphone vendors. If we look back at the previous information, there have been examples of some insinuations between smartphone brands, one of which was the first in 2019, the Samsung smartphone brand via social media Weibo satirizing the Huawei smartphone brand by uploading a poster containing innuendo showing that the Samsung Galaxy S10 DxOMark score Plus it’s bigger than the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone for the main camera sector and the front camera.

Then, still in 2018, the next example is Huawei, which satirizes Apple and Samsung. At that time, Huawei took advantage of the decision of the Italian competition authority, which judged that Apple and Samsung had deliberately lowered performance so that users could update software cell phone.

After the news about the decision from the Italian competition authority, Huawei immediately uploaded a satire on its official Twitter page, which was also to promote smartphone the latest at the time, namely the Mate 20.

“We will not lower the performance of the phone to force upgrade. We are proud of #HuaweiMate20Pro #BornFastStaysFast, like smartphone the rest of us. #NeverSlowDown, ”Huawei tweeted.

Then the last example, last year, Samsung satirized Apple by cornering its newest smartphone, the iPhone 12. Through its official Facebook page, Samsung alluded to the iPhone 12 being sold without a charger.

Apart from the examples mentioned above, there are many other cases of satire between smartphone brands if we explore deeper.

Lessons That Can Be “Learned”

Reflecting on the recent case of satire between Infinix and Xiaomi, as well as several cases of satire in the past, in fact branding with the style of satire in the business world, especially between smartphone companies, it has become a trend. But despite all that, it would be better to use a code of ethics and not drop the selling point of each smartphone, aka “compete healthily”, and let netizens judge and choose for themselves.


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