List of important Gmail features that are rarely known

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Gmail has a feature that can cancel messages that have been sent like unsend messages in instant messaging applications.

Gmail is the most widely known e-mail service in the world. Users must be familiar with basic functions such as sending important reports or sharing photos. However, there are some hidden features that are actually important and not many people know about.

Did you know that Gmail can send email which can disappear or delete again email already sent? Yep this capability is right there in Gmail, along with other hidden features.

Following COTEKNO.COM share 4 important features in Gmail that are rarely known.

1. Send email that can disappear

Instagram has a sharing feature that can disappear after 24 hours, namely Instagram Stories. This ability also turns out to be in Gmail. You can set a time limit for the message to be available to the recipient, until it disappears. This feature is called Confidential Mode.

To use Confidential Mode in Gmail, press the lock button and the clock while the compose window is open. Then, an option will appear for how long the message will last before it expires.

Whoever receives email, will not be able to forward, copy or download documents that are in email after passing the specified time limit. This is an important feature for those with sensitive content.

2. Delete emails automatically

This one trick can speed up the deletion process email in Gmail. This can be useful for you if you have a lot of messages in your inbox to make it empty again. To use it, you can activate the Auto-advance feature. That way, Gmail won’t take you back to your inbox every time you delete one email. It also saves a few clicks.

To enable Auto-advance, go to Gmail settings and select See All Settings. Under tab General, click Advanced. From there, you will see the Auto-advance box and enable the feature.

3. Schedule email

There are times when you may want to schedule email for some reason. Maybe because you are busy or want to go on vacation, so you have to schedule Anda email which should be sent in the next few days. Fortunately, you can send scheduled messages via Schedule Send.

This option is available in the down arrow next to the send message button. This will allow you to choose a specific time to send email.

4. Cancel shipping email

Mistyping or mispronouncing the name is usually only realized after email already sent. But this is a problem because some users think they can’t cancel messages that have been sent. Whereas, just like in Outlook, Google also gives users a short time to unsend messages.

However, it should be noted that the time you have is only a few seconds. The trick is to open the message that has been sent, then press the Undo option. If you are not fast, then the message will still come in and cannot be cancelled.


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