New York from the eyes of a nomad at Ali & Queens of Queens

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Producer Ali & Queens Muhammad Zaidy wants to show New York through the eyes of nomads.

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Netflix will soon be showing the Indonesian film, Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens. The film, which tells the journey of Ali and Indonesian immigrants in Queens, New York, originated from the idea of ​​the producer, Muhammad Zaidy’s experience while living in the city.

Unlike Indonesian films with foreign backgrounds in general, Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens does not display the splendor and beauty of the city of New York. Eddy said he wanted to focus on showing the journey of Ali (Iqbal Ramadhan) who was looking for his mother in the city and the picture of New York from the point of view of the nomads.

“Ali didn’t go there for a vacation, so Lucky, me and cinematographer Batara Goepar discussed how to capture New York authentically from the eyes of a foreigner. We feel that the beauty of New York is in the energy of the city itself, so we want to stay focused on the people who are in it,” explained Eddy.

Lucky said, although shooting in New York, this film is full of simplicity that makes it unique. The character of immigrants or immigrants is also displayed in a very Indonesian style, so that it does not eliminate the original identity of the Indonesian people.

As a city known for its symbols of chasing dreams, the choice of setting for New York is related to the goals of each character. Ali, goes to New York to find his mother and find his true self. The party (Nirina Zubir) who likes to move countries finally chooses New York as the last place to be conquered. Likewise with the nomadic Biyah (Asri Welas).

Meanwhile, Ance (Tika Panggabean), goes to New York because of her mother’s orders so that she can improve her attitude. And Chinta (Happy Salma), came because of love.

To find out more, Sahabat Tek can watch Ali & Queens Queens on Netflix on June 17, 2021.


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