Not Artists, But These 5 Influencers Can Have Millions Of Followers

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Anya Geraldine. (Instagram / material reservation)

COTEKNO.COM – Since the advent of social media, ordinary people can now become famous. It can even rival the popularity of artists and celebrities. Like some of these influencers, they even have millions of followers on social media.

It’s not an artist, but we can find that there are some influencers with millions of followers on their social media.

There are various kinds of influencers, ranging from beauty vloggers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and even preachers. Their influence is also not kidding.

So many people turn to influencers as role models. Not surprisingly, their followers can reach hundreds of thousands to millions on social media. Who are they?

This is the figure of an influencer with millions of followers on social media even though he is not an artist:

1. Anya Geraldine

Anya Geraldine. (Instagram / material reservation)

The woman whose real name is Nur Amalia Hayati initially appeared as a friend of an influencer who had skyrocketed earlier, namely Karin Novilda alias Awkarin.

Considered to have a beautiful face, Anya also got many jobs, ranging from advertising stars to playing movies. Now his Instagram followers have reached 8.8 million.

Thanks to that popularity, Anya was then invited to be a guest star and play in series and films.

2. Rachel Vennya

Rachel Vennya. (instagram/rachelvennya)
Rachel Vennya. (instagram/rachelvennya)

The mother of Xabiru and Aurorae is a successful entrepreneur. He was previously married to Niko Al Hakim but divorced in early 2021.

Many netizens are fans of Rachel because she is considered an independent woman, not a crybaby, and always being kind to everyone. The number of followers on Instagram also reached 5.8 million.

3. Tasya Farasya

Tasya Farasya. (Instagram/ tasyafarasya)
Tasya Farasya. (Instagram/ tasyafarasya)

Tasya Farasya is a beauty vlogger who diligently uploads content on her personal Youtube channel. He tried a variety of makeup, ranging from natural to bold, from cheap cosmetics to sultan prices.

This woman of Arab descent has married a man named Ahmad Assegaf. Tasya is known as a friendly and creative influencer. His followers on Instagram now number 4.6 million.

4. Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson and Diska Resha's wedding (doc. instagram/@thepotomoto)
Sarah Gibson and Diska Resha’s wedding (doc. instagram/@thepotomoto)

Sarah Gibson is also one of Awkarin’s best friends. He is known to love traveling and loves to share his travel experiences. In addition, he also has a salon business called Alana Beauty Bar.

Sarah Gibson’s followers have now reached 1.6 million.

5. Jerome Polin

Jerome Polin. (Instagram/ jeromepolin)
Jerome Polin. (Instagram/ jeromepolin)

Jerome Polin is a student currently studying in Japan. Studying in the Mathematics department, Jerome likes to share how to calculate and often makes his own problems.

He diligently uploads vlogs about his life as a student in Japan. His followers now number 4.6 million.

That’s a row of influencers with millions of followers on social media, even though they are not artists but are very famous. Anyone you follow? ( Chandra Wulan Contributor).


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