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Map illustration. (pexels/Leah Kelley)

COTEKNO.COM – Earth is known as a planet that is so vast that every corner can not be traced directly. Luckily, scientists created a world map to show the entire Earth, which is far from reach.

Mapped into a view that is easier to understand, who would have thought if the world map actually contained a number of surprising facts that were not known to many people.

Reporting from Future Maps, here are 4 surprising facts about the world map that are not widely known. What do you think is the most surprising for you?

1. Not all locations on the map are in the real world

The cartographers who first compiled the world map initially used very limited tools. It is not surprising that mistakes were made while compiling this world map.

Map illustration. (pexels/pixabay)

For example, in 1798, the first map of Africa appears to show the Kong Mountains. However, when traced, the Kong Mountains could not be found by anyone.

2. The size on the world map is not the same as in the real world

Maps were originally created to guide marine navigation of appropriate sizes. However, in fact, the sizes on the world map are actually very different from those in the real world.

Regarding this, based on increasingly sophisticated technology, the size of the location on the world map then began to be improved.

3. North is not always on top

On a world map, north is always at the top of the map. In fact, the north is not always at the top. In some maps in previous years, the east and west were placed at the top.

Map illustration. (pexels/Dominica Roseclay)
Map illustration. (pexels/Dominica Roseclay)

For example, 1300 Christian Mappa Mundi places east at the top of the map pointing towards the Garden of Eden in Jerusalem as its center.

4. There are two northern parts on the world map

If so far many people know the north pole as the north side of the Earth, in fact there are actually two northern parts on the map. The other north is Magnetic North which is the direction of the needle tip at the compass point.

These two north sides apparently do not run together. Magnetic North actually travels up to 25 miles per year and frequently changes places with Magnetic South.

Being a mystery and unknown to many people, those were 4 surprising facts about the world map. Which of the 4 facts above are of interest to you?


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