Nvidia and Steam bring DLSS to Linux

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Through Valve’s Proton program, Nvidia will soon bring DLSS support to gamers on the Linux platform.

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Nvidia is rumored to be bringing wider DLSS support to its users gamer. Not only does it increase the number of games that support this feature, but it also increases the number of OS that supports it.

As is known, currently DLSS can be used by all Nvidia GPU users on Windows-based PCs. However, Nvidia has also been supporting users for a long time platform Linux based.

For this opportunity, they collaborated with Valve to bring the technology to the market platform Linux. They say, through Valve’s Proton compatibility tool, they will get Nvidia DLSS support, as reported The Verge (7/6).

As is known, DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling is a technology that allows gamer get more performance without sacrificing too much image quality. The way this technology works is also quite unique.

Nvidia will run a game at a lower resolution than the original (for example,render game at 1080p even though the monitor is already 4K), which is then reverted to the original resolution using some very impressive algorithms.

Unfortunately, until now Nvidia and Valve have not released a list of which games will get this support. However, some games with popular titles will get support for this feature.

Finally, when it comes to when Nvidia and Valve will officially launch this feature, both are still silent. But at least, the gamer Linux will get support for Vulkan this month and DirectX next fall.


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