Ojol Driver Gets a Fictional Order of Rp. 1 Million, Confused What to Do

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Illustration of Driver Ojol. (Suara.com/Ema Rohimah)

COTEKNO.COM – Fictitious orders still haunt online motorcycle taxi drivers or motorcycle taxi drivers. Like the story that went viral on social media, he was tricked up to IDR 1 million.

In the post that was shared, it turns out that this ojol driver was confused when he realized he got the fictitious order.

This fictitious order or often called Ofik among the online motorcycle taxi community makes ojol drivers suffer losses.

In @lambe_ojol’s Instagram upload, an ojol driver can be seen carrying a food package using a cardboard box on his motorbike.

Apparently, the online motorcycle taxi driver got a food order at a McDonald’s restaurant. The fictitious order is quite expensive, which is Rp. 1 million rupiah.

O-Jek Online Gets a Fictional Order of IDR 1 Million (Instagram/lambe_ojol)

Seeing the ojol driver who was tricked, a woman then recorded this incident. He prayed for the driver’s problem to be resolved quickly.

Pray that the culprit is a fictitious partner until the end of life, “said the netizen.

Order 1 million commission is the same as 10 thousand, right?“added another.

It’s so bad oh my God,” wrote netizens.

Eat 1 RT, said another.

Astaghfirullah… so bad,” concluded the netizen.

Viral on social media, the video can be seen here.

That’s a viral story on social media, an ojol driver who got a fictitious order of up to Rp. 1 million. (Suara.com/ Aulia Hafisa).


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