OPPO Enco Buds review: better bass and less latency

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Enco Buds come with a more powerful bass character. In addition, the game mode on this TWS allows it to be used as earphones to accompany your gaming sessions.

Enco Buds are earphones true wireless stereo (TWS) is the latest from OPPO which is reinforced with a binaural connectivity system thanks to Bluetooth 5.2. This technology allows each earphone right and left directly receive audio transmission from the source device (eg cell phone). This allows for less latency than the relay transmission method from the left earphone and then forwarded to the earphone right. The battery from OPPO Enco Buds can last up to 24 hours. Here are the results of my review.

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Design & operation

Like other TWS on the market, of course the Enco Buds also come with a charging case. This latest TWS charging box from OPPO features a minimalist and ergonomic design. The charging device comes with an oval design with no corners so that it feels comfortable when held.

Overall, the Enco Buds charging case is made of glossy or glossy plastic. Even though it’s made of plastic, it still feels sturdy with strong hinges too. You can recharge the battery via the USB-C port on the back of the device. There are also LED lights that display different colors according to battery status and others.

The charging case cover is easy to open thanks to the slit in the front. The hinge of the cover has a magnet to keep it tightly closed. On the other hand, there is a mechanism that is made in such a way that the cover can remain open. This can allow you to access other operations on the earphones, for example when you want to reset the TWS.

The shape of the earphone itself is also very concise, only shaped like a circle. Although very compact, OPPO designed it to fit in the crook of the ear. You can change the Enco’s silicone rubber tip to fit your ear, the silicone is included in the sales package. For the record, in addition to reasons of comfort, silicone rubber that fits in the ear canal is also one of the determinants of music quality.

The back of each earphone has a capacitive sensor so that it can be accessed using touch. You can operate music playback using the touch sensitive sensor. Tap once to play/pause music, double-tap to change songs or answer/end phone calls, and triple-tap to activate Game Mode.

Access to the operation of the Enco Buds does not stop there. The reason is, OPPO also designed it to be able to access the volume level. To increase the volume, press and hold the sensor area of ​​the right earphone. Meanwhile, to reduce the volume level, press and hold the sensor area of ​​the left earphone. Not all TWS on the market can access volumes directly on TWS devices. Thus, the Enco Buds offer a more practical use than other TWS averages.


It’s very easy and practical to connect Enco Buds to your phone for the first time (pairing). Just open the cover of the Enco Buds box, this will allow the earphones to enter pairing mode. Then, in the Bluetooth settings of the phone, select OPPO Enco Buds.

If you are an OPPO smartphone user, pairing will be even easier. After opening the earphone cover, the phone will immediately display the Enco Buds prompt and all you have to do is confirm the connection. Another practicality of the Enco Buds is the Auto Reconnect feature. Once you put the Enco Buds in the box, they will automatically reconnect to the device they were previously connected to.

You can also customize the control of the earphone sensor area. If you are an OPPO smartphone user, just go to the Bluetooth settings menu and select ‘Earbuds Functions’. Here, you are free to reconfigure the operating access as you wish. If you are not an OPPO smartphone user, you can download the HeyMelody app to do it.

Because each earphone weighs only 4 grams, your ears won’t feel sore if you use them for too long. This TWS will not easily fall when used when you are active such as exercising. Not to forget, the Enco Buds already have IP54 certification to be resistant to water and sweat.

To find out the sound quality, I played some songs on the Spotify app with the highest quality. The first song I listened to was called ‘The Monster’ by Eminem and Rihanna. At the beginning of the song, Rihanna’s vocals sounded natural, as well as her backing vocals on the left and right channels. The backing vocal separation width is quite wide for TWS in its class. But unfortunately the high-frequency or treble tone is less responsive, this is because it is not very directed and sometimes covered by the sound of medium-frequency musical instruments.

For bass sound, its low frequencies can be heard well. This area does not dominate the sound of other frequencies in the song. In fact, there is no distortion when I increase the volume.

I also tested the bass sound by listening to a song with the title ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ (2016 remastered version) by Mario Winans featuring Enya and P. Diddy. The low-frequency kicks are pretty rounded throughout the song. But again, the high frequencies that should be accompanied by the bass are not as pronounced as they should be. However, the faint piano sound on the left and right channels can be well represented with a wide performance.

When tested by playing bass sound at very low frequencies, the Enco Buds passed it well. This is proven when I listen to a song called ‘Can I Have it Like That?’ sung by Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. The advantages of bass here do not necessarily sacrifice other frequencies. This means that the bass does not cover the vocals or backing vocals, nor is there any distortion.

The space provided by the stereo effect is also quite good. The reason is, this can be well represented when the low notes mix with the middle notes that move gradually from the left channel, middle, and then continue to the right channel.

In addition to listening to songs to find out their performance, I also tried OPPO’s new TWS to accompany gaming sessions. Its Game Mode allows for very minimal latency. For casual gamers, this will mode is very helpful. The sound quality it provides is quite good, presenting reliable surrounds so that it is easy to determine the direction of the sound when playing PUBG Mobile games.

After playing PUBG Mobile, I also run racing games like Beach Buggy Racing 2. The sound quality is very responsive, even the sound of the opponent’s weapon from behind can still be heard well. This allows me to always be alert and dodge. To activate this mode, you can tap the earphone 3 times on the left/right side or activate it through the application.


After trying it for a few days, I feel that OPPO Enco Buds have a practical operation. Call it volume access directly from earphones, this is very helpful when you are exercising without bothering to take your phone to adjust the volume.

Overall, the sound it presents is fairly good. If you are a fan of bass and wide stereo separation, this TWS from OPPO is for you. Enco Buds can be an option when you are looking for a new TWS that is affordable and can accompany gaming sessions, the price is Rp. 599,000.

  • Nice stereo room
  • Good bass
  • Easy operation


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