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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – PLN through its subsidiary, PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON+) launched a fixed broadband internet service called Iconnet.

Muhammad Arif, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Telecommunication Network Operators (Apjatel) said that PLN’s move to expand its business line in providing internet services was the right step.

“If we use the eyes of the public, of course PLN or whoever it is, or any operator that provides boardband penetration, it is very good. The more penetration into areas that have not been touched by the internet, there are benefits for the community, meaning that automatically more people are served,” Arif said. Mobile, Wednesday (2/6).

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Furthermore, Arif is of the view that Iconnet can deploy its services outside the big cities, which are already full of competition for fixed broadband internet.

“This internet service from PLN, with all the power it has, of course, no longer only plays in big cities, but only those who are far away to the regions, so that it is more useful because it plays a role in internet penetration, and not only adds to competition, Arif continued.

Then in terms of competition, competitors for other internet service providers such as IndiHome owned by PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Persero), First Media, Biznet, and others do not need to worry.

“Because of the penetration of the internet board no far from 15 percent, so I think there is no need to worry because it is still wide. Especially if PLN penetrates into new areas, in my opinion it will be even better, there is no need to worry about players who already exist in big cities, so it’s not like a collision, “he said.

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Then the presence of PLN by offering internet services is also a breath of fresh air, in the midst of fixed broadband internet services that have existed so far.

“So after all, a good service needs a comparison, so the good or bad of a service that is served can be seen by the public, and the community will have the option to choose according to their needs,” said Arif

Besides that, fixed broadband internet users in Indonesia in 2020, recorded an increase from 12% to 15%, this is an opportunity for Iconnet to be able to contribute to the fixed broadband internet market.

PLN to expand its line of business to internet services is also inevitable, because it is part of the company’s way of transforming.

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President Director of PLN, Zulkifli Zaini, in his official statement said, “PLN builds electricity networks to all corners of the country, and we will expand with the internet network. In the future, of course, where there is electricity, there will be Iconnet,” explained Zulkifli.

“With the synergy between subsidiaries, PLN is confident that it can realize this noble goal through Iconnet, an Internet service that provides reliable (andal), affordable (affordable), unlimited (without limits), of course ready to compete with competitors or other internet service providers.” said Zulkifli


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