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A few days ago, Realme Indonesia introduced the Realme 8 series. This time, the COTEKNO team has prepared various information that you need to know about this device. Starting from the specifications, price, to the advantages and disadvantages of Reame 8 Pro.

The competition between Realme and Xiaomi to dominate the middle class segment is getting fiercer. And this year, the competition between the two Chinese mobile phone vendors has entered a new phase.

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As is known, Xiaomi launched its newest product from the Redmi line. Named the Note 10 series, Xiaomi Indonesia introduced two variants of this series. And the Redmi Note 10 Pro is the one that stole the most attention thanks to the 108MP camera.

Yes, the 108MP lens for HP at a price of IDR 4 million certainly does cute fan, right? However, less than a month later, Realme launched the same product. The two latest Realme phones are named Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro respectively.

Just like Xiaomi, Realme 8 Pro is equipped with the most qualified specifications. To my surprise and amazement, this brand-new cellphone also has a 108MP camera!

In fact, to prove its ability, Realme also held a demo and broke the MURI record for its ability to print the largest photos using a cellphone camera. That’s awesome!

So, will the Realme 8 Pro camera performance be as advertised? Is this product worth juxtaposing with the Redmi Note 10 Pro? To answer this question, see how the specifications, price, and advantages and disadvantages of Realme 8 Pro below.

Poster HP Realme 8 Pro (Realme Indonesia)

Realme 8 Pro specifications

In the midst of a wide selection of cellphones with similar and similar designs, the presence of the Realme 8 Pro is quite a steal. The shape is thin, slim, and very comfortable in the hand. And if you look at the capabilities of the large camera and fast charging technology, this phone is all the more tempting!

Like most middle-class cellphones, the company covers the back with a casing made of plastic material. And from the looks of it, we can find traces of the Oppo design from this product.

That’s not a big problem. In fact, the Realme 8 Pro looks even more amazing. On the back, you will find caption from branding Realme this year, namely “Dare To Leap”. Engraved on plastic back in large size.

Realme 8 Pro camera (Realme Indonesia)

In addition, there is a square module. In it, we will find an array of four cameras that are quite large. In fact, according to the author, most steal the show!

But Realme doesn’t just present size without quality. As mentioned above, Realme 8 Pro comes with 108MP main camera support. Using lenses wide, the main camera is also supported by the PDAF feature.

While the other three lenses are each capable of 8MP ultra-wide lenses, 2MP depth sensors, and 2MP macro sensors. Not only that, you can also find various advanced photography features of this device. So, the more pampering users of this latest Realme cellphone, right?

Turning the device over, we will find a Super AMOLED display measuring 6.4 inches. This screen is capable of producing graphics with a quality of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Not only that, the company has also added an Always-on display feature to the device.

Indeed, the screen capability is not as strong as the Redmi Note 10 Pro – which can produce graphics with a refresh rate of 120Hz. But, it’s not a big deal. You can still get sharper and more colorful game graphics.

Realme 8 Pro specifications (Realme Indonesia

Going inside, we will find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset. This system on chipset with eight cores is supported by Adreno 618 graphics processing. Not only that, Realme 8 Pro also runs Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0 Customization UI.

As a result, you can get a variety of advanced features that were previously only available on flagship phones.

Other features that you must know are a 4,500mAh capacity battery, support for 50W fast charging technology which is said to be able to charge 0-1000% in just 47 minutes, and a 16MP front camera.

Realme 8 Pro Price

Realme 8 Pro launch poster (Instagram @realmeindonesia

The middle-class HP segment in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Compared to two years ago, there are now more cell phone choices in this segment. This indicates the high demand and purchasing power of the community.

So, Realme Indonesia’s decision to sell this series for Rp. 4 million is understandable. Quoting information on the official website, Realme 8 Pro is sold for only Rp.4,498 million. At that price, you can get a cellphone that has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

However, if you are interested in buying this latest Realme cellphone, please be patient first. The reason is, currently Realme Indonesia has only opened the Pre-order faucet. And you can order it directly through the official website.

But, in comparison, the author has prepared several links that lead to several online shops. In it, you will get a more diverse selection of Realme 8 Pro prices. So you can get the best purchases at the best prices.

So, if interested, check immediately link below, yes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme 8 Pro

Full specifications of Realme 8 Pro (Special Doc / COTEKNO)

It must be admitted that Realme is offering quite an interesting product this year. It’s no exaggeration to say that Realme is ready to dominate the middle class market through this product.

Then, does this product only have favorable components and specifications? Of course the answer is no. Realme 8 Pro also has advantages and disadvantages. And so you know better, see the description of the advantages and disadvantages of the Realme 8 Pro below.


  • Without a screen protection layer
  • The screen is only capable of producing a 60Hz refresh rate
  • The chipsets used are the same as Realme 7 Pro and Realme 6 Pro, which in fact is quite behind in terms of technology
  • The main camera when used at night is slower
Price of Realme 8 Pro (Smartprix)


  • A satisfying combination of Android 11 and Realme 2.0 UI
  • Large battery capacity with fast charging that makes users more comfortable
  • Super AMOLED, HDR10, and punch-hole small size that does not interfere with the screen display
  • The results of video recording are very satisfying
  • 108MP capable camera!

Review: Worth Buying?

Realme 8 Pro is a cellphone with fairly balanced capabilities and performance. Can meet the various needs of its users. Just fine vlogging, browsing, chatting. Until strenuous activities like gaming and create video content.

But, unfortunately, the company still relies on the performance of the Snapdragon 720G. In fact, the chipset has also been used in the two predecessor series – the Realme 6 Pro (review) and Realme 7 Pro (review).

Review Realme 8 Pro (Smartprix)

Certainly a questionable decision. And even though the 108MP camera is capable of making the Realme 8 Pro compete head-to-head with Note 10 Pro (review), deficiencies in terms of the kitchen runway are certainly one of the things that must be considered.

Now, after the description of the advantages and disadvantages of Realme 8 Pro. Hopefully the explanation above can help you in convincing your choice before buying this device.


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