PUBG MOBILE National Championship 2021 with Oppo Holds a Tournament

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COTEKNO.COM – The leading smartphone brand in Indonesia, OPPO Indonesia also enlivens and supports the Esports field in Indonesia by holding the PUBG MOBILE National Championship. Starting in June 2021, PMNC 2021 will compete in 3 solo, squad, and ladies modes where opportunities are wide open for all PUBG MOBILE fans to participate according to their respective categories.

All amateur PUBG MOBILE players, both male and female, are invited to register and compete in prestigious arenas for a prize pool of USD 25,000 or equivalent to IDR 350 million rupiah. PMNC 2021 is increasingly maturing the Esports ecosystem in Indonesia and expanding opportunities and prestigious stages for the best potential Esports talents to continue their career paths to pursue their dreams.

The entire PMNC 2021 journey can be watched live through live streams thanks to the support of NimoTV’s official media partner and also on the official Facebook Gaming page, PUBG MOBILE YouTube at @PUBGMOBILE.ID.OFFICIAL.

“Throughout the year we have presented a professional PUBG MOBILE arena with the biggest names in Indonesia. This time we are on a mission to find brilliant individuals who have not been exposed by reaching all corners of the archipelago, where amateur individuals and teams have the opportunity to compete in one arena with big names in PUBG MOBILE Esports. We want to push our mission and commitment further by providing a platform of fair opportunity for anyone, anywhere to find their way to a career in esports.” said Oliver Ye as PUBG MOBILE Southeast Asia Director.

PUBG MOBILE National Championship 2021

Until now, there have been thousands of enthusiastic participants who have registered for the PMNC 2021 tournament with the following details, 15,192 solos, 4,055 squads, and 304 ladies squad. All participants in each mode will go through fierce competition towards the main round which is scheduled for July.

Solo Qualifier

PMNC 2021 will open a tournament with a solo qualifier in June, where thousands of participants will compete and fight for the top 4 rankings to become representatives from each of their respective provinces. The 4 players will join into a team and advance to the playoffs in July.

Squad Qualifier

The squad qualifier will start on the third week of June, where all participating teams will be divided into 2 waves or so-called waves. Each wave goes through 3 phases which further tighten the number of participants who will advance to the next round. The best 8 teams in each wave will qualify for the playoffs in July.

Ladies Qualifier

Similar to the men’s team, the ladies qualifier will start in June and the participating teams will go through 2 phases before finding the best team for the grand final. The first phase will leave 64 teams to advance to the second phase, where the competition gets fiercer and eliminates more participants leaving 12 teams for the grand final round in July.

Commenting on the start of PMNC 2021, OPPO Indonesia as the main sponsor said, “As an industry that is increasingly popular and loved by the public, Esports has evolved from just entertainment and leisure, to something of value and has a real positive impact on communities in Indonesia. Since 2017, Oppo has introduced smartphone products that have gaming features to provide a new experience to its users, including support for PUBG MOBILE where we prepare the latest devices with enhanced gaming features that make gamers comfortable. There have been many inspiring stories of young people who have successfully changed their lives by living the activities they love, namely playing games. Through Oppo Indonesia, we want to motivate and convey a message to the younger generation not to give up easily pursuing their dreams. Because in this digital era, even though the best opportunity doesn’t just come once in a lifetime, there will always be another opportunity and a prestigious stage awaits like the PUBG MOBILE National Championship 2021.” said Alinna Wen as Marketing Director of OPPO Indonesia.

The involvement of OPPO as the main sponsor also enlivened the PMNC 2021 event as PMNC 2021 has changed its name from PUBG MOBILE Indonesia Championship (PINC). PMNC 2021 will be the initial tournament for amateur players and teams to enter the professional PUBG MOBILE arena with well-known teams in the country. As a hardware brand that is the main weapon for esports players, OPPO recognizes the importance of their role in this competitive gaming field. OPPO Indonesia has consistently emphasized their commitment and goals to support the development of the esports ecosystem in the country.

The PUBG MOBILE tournament event never forgets the role and appreciation for loyal fans, PMNC 2021 is no exception. PUBG MOBILE will present a variety of activities that enliven, invite, and invite fan participation in the 2021 PUBG MOBILE National Championship such as regional photo events from all over the province of Indonesia, trivia quizzes, and community support videos. Lucky fans with the best participation will have the opportunity to get attractive prizes such as in-game UC, PUBG MOBILE in-game items, to OPPO smartphones.


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