Ray Tracing is not suitable for smartphones yet

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently responded to AMD’s Ray Tracing presence in the Samsung Exynos SoC. He said the feature was not ready to be present on smartphones.

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Gamers in the mobile realm can’t wait for the new Exynos SoC to hit the market. Because, the SoC will use AMD’s latest GPU that uses Ray Tracing.

However, not all parties are interested in the presence of Ray Tracing technology in Indonesia smartphone. One of the parties who are not interested in this is the CEO of NVIDIA, namely Jensen Huang. He said he wasn’t interested in seeing Ray Tracing technology on devices yet smartphone.

“(The size) of the Ray Tracing game is quite large. The dataset is quite large, and there will be time for that. When the time is right, we may consider it,” Huang said as quoted from Tom’s Hardware page (6/6).

But in fact, the Ray Tracing feature is nothing new in the realm of mobile phones. In 2014, the Imagination Technologies architecture in the PowerVR GR6500 era already supported Ray Tracing technology. Unfortunately, this feature just disappeared like being swallowed by the earth.

And currently, there are only a handful of GPUs present in the SoC smartphone. The Samsung Exynos and MediaTek use an Arm Mali-based GPU, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon uses an Adreno-based GPU.

And specifically for NVIDIA Tegra, they use their own GPU. Unfortunately, they are still not interested in bringing the Ampere and Turing architecture to smartphone because it’s too big.


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