Razer designs AI-based marine cleaning robot

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In collaboration with ClearBot, Razer engineers and designers have tweaked ClearBot to make it a scalable, mass-marketable product.

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Razer has just announced a collaboration with a marine waste cleaning company called ClearBot. This partnership was established to celebrate World Oceans Day. This collaboration is also claimed to be in line with one of Razer’s 10-year programs, namely Green Investment, which aims to support startup companies that focus on the environment and their welfare.

With around 11 million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans each year, marine cleaning companies often face difficulties due to inadequate technology in terms of quality, cost and efficiency. The ClearBot team designed a robot that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) vision to identify different types of marine plastic waste.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with a startup company that focuses on saving the environment. ClearBot’s unique AI and advanced Machine Learning technology will help governments and organizations around the world expand their efforts to save the environment,” said a Razer representative.

In collaboration with ClearBot, Razer engineers and designers have contributed to providing technical expertise to help turn the initial ClearBot product into a scalable, mass-marketable product. Leveraging Razer’s manufacturing know-how, ClearBot was able to make robot designs even smarter and more efficient.

This new designed and fully automated robot is armed with cutting-edge AI and capabilities machine learning which can detect marine plastic waste within 2 meters in undulating waters. This robot can collect up to 250 kg of plastic in 1 cycle while working on solar energy.


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